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Based out of South Carolina, Migra Ammunitions is at the forefront of shotgun shell innovation. Drawing from proprietary technology from the defense sector, Migra Ammunitions manufactures shotgun shells with quality and value in mind.

Built out of passion by its founders, Migra shells are oriented towards the passionate waterfowler.

THE TECHNOLOGY The Migra Combinational Series is engineered using our patent-pending technology. This gives the Migra shells consistent bulk density, pattern uniformity and maximizes versatility in the field.

Migra’s proprietary formula retains uniform concentrated shot patterns at improved distances.

THE HIGHLIGHTS Migra shells are like no other.

Engineered with technology from the defense industry. Migra Ammunitions is rigorously designed and tested to offer the waterfowl community with a high-performance load.

SMALL BATCH MANUFACTURED Migra slows down the loading process to provide a more controlled and accurate load. This gives us the ability to manufacture a more dependable shell with a consistent uniform pattern.

LAYERED PELLET PLACEMENT PROCESS Allows for increased bulk pattern density for higher kill ratios.

SUPERIOR WATERFOWL LOADS Migra’s combinational loads have you covered in a wide variety of hunting situations.

NO FILLERS Absolutely NO fillers. Migra shells are packed with high-quality components.

Migra Stack Load Steel 20 Ga 3" 1 Oz Case 250 Rd
($1.12 per round)

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Migra Stack Steel/Tungsten 12 Ga 3" 1 1/4 Oz 250 Rd Case
($1.92 per round)

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Migra Stack Load Steel 12 Ga 3.5" 1 5/8 Oz 250 Rd Case
($1.28 per round)

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