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2018 Duck Season

Fly Fishing Classes

Fly Fishing Lessons

Every other Saturday starting April 7 at 2:00pm at the store.

Casting Technique - 10-2, generic cast, the side arm cast, the roll cast, and the snap t.
Knot Tying - Starting from reel, to backing, to fly line, to leader and to tippet. Covering many knots.
Fly Tying -Tying flies for the Little Red River and White River such as Nymphs, Emergers and Streamers. Warm water flies also such as bass, carp, pickerel, crappie, etc.
Gear Instruction - What gear works best and how to use it.
Bass Study - Techniques for casting and tying specifically for bass.
Trout Study - Techniques for casting and tying specifically for trout. Reading water as well.

Will book trips to Little Red River, White River, Norfolk River, Lake Monticello and anywhere in Arkansas year round. In July, there is a planned fishing trip to North Platte in Southern Wyoming.

For more information Contact Brian Colton at Mack’s - 870-673-6960

or Email Brian Colton: Bcolton@mackspw.com