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Drake Waterfowl Systems

At Drake, we identify as duck hunters. We live and breathe for opening day, our favorite color is green, our favorite smell is gun powder, and our favorite food is whatever we rustle up out of our blind bag. For us, everything revolves around duck hunting – our vacation time, our pets, and even our mates.

Despite these roots, this doesn’t mean that when the birds stop flying or when duck season ends, a spark doesn’t ignite that same passion for other outdoor pursuits.

Outsmarting stubborn gobblers in the turkey woods, landing that uncatchable fish during the spawn, and face-to-face encounters with that buck of a lifetime – we live for these moments.

We take this passion and first-hand experience from the field to the drawing board, crafting the most innovative gear for hunters and fishermen year-round. Because no matter your pursuit, Drake is Always In Season®.

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