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Migra Timber Plus Staxd Load 12 Ga 3" Bismuth/Steel - Case

Migra Timber Plus Staxd Load 12 Ga 3" Bismuth/Steel - Case


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Ammo Size Shot Size 3-6


Migra Timber Plus Staxd Load 12 Ga 3" Bismuth/Steel - Case

MIGRA Timber Plus - Mack's Exclusive 

"Never Doubt Again" 

12 Gauge 3" (1 1/4 oz) 1450 FPS 25 Rounds per Box @ 250 Rounds per Case 

MIGRA's NEW Timber Plus is a 3/6 stacked steel and bismuth combination. This deadly combination includes steel 3-shot and a tin-plated bismuth 6-shot that delivers a fatal downrange pattern, no matter if you are working mallards tight in the timber or finishing them in the rice fields. MIGRA's high-performing loads will have you covered no matter where the birds take you. Our patent-pending stacked combinational loads give you a tighter, more uniform downrange pattern and higher bulk densities for higher kill ratios no matter the hunting situation. 

  • The MIGRA Combinational Series is engineered using our patent-pending technology. 
  • This technology gives the Migra shells consistent bulk density, pattern uniformity, and maximizes versatility in the field. 
  • MIGRA's proprietary formula retains uniform concentrated shot patterns at improved distances.  
  • Engineered with technology from the defense industry. 
  • Migra Ammunitions is SMALL BATCH MANUFACTURED 
  • Migra slows down the loading process to provide a more controlled and accurate load. This gives us the ability to manufacture a more dependable shell with a consistent, uniform pattern. 
  • This process allows for increased bulk pattern density for higher kill ratios.  
  • Migra's combinational loads have you covered in a wide variety of hunting situations. 
  • Absolutely NO fillers. Migra shells are ONLY packed with high-quality components.

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9/10/2020 10:43 pm

Pellet Count Review Only

by Matt

Pellet count was a bit of a let-down. 3 shot: 152, 6 shot: 60. Haven't shot/patterned it yet. Call me crazy, but I just assumed it would be a better ratio than that.