Migra Timber Plus Stack Load 12 Ga 3" Bismuth/Steel Case 250 Rd

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Migra Timber Plus Staxd Load 12 Ga 3" Bismuth/Steel - Case

MIGRA Timber Plus - Mack's Exclusive

"Never Doubt Again"

12 Gauge 3" (1 1/2 oz) 1365 FPS 25 Rounds per Box @ 250 Rounds per Case

MIGRA's NEW Timber Plus is a 3/6 stacked steel and bismuth combination. This deadly combination includes steel 3-shot and a tin-plated bismuth 6-shot that delivers a fatal downrange pattern, no matter if you are working mallards tight in the timber or finishing them in the rice fields. MIGRA's high-performing loads will have you covered no matter where the birds take you. Our patent-pending stacked combinational loads give you a tighter, more uniform downrange pattern and higher bulk densities for higher kill ratios no matter the hunting situation.


  • The MIGRA Combinational Series is engineered using our patent-pending technology.
  • This technology gives the Migra shells consistent bulk density, pattern uniformity, and maximizes versatility in the field.
  • MIGRA's proprietary formula retains uniform concentrated shot patterns at improved distances.


  • Engineered with technology from the defense industry.
  • Migra Ammunitions is SMALL BATCH MANUFACTURED
  • Migra slows down the loading process to provide a more controlled and accurate load. This gives us the ability to manufacture a more dependable shell with a consistent, uniform pattern.


  • This process allows for increased bulk pattern density for higher kill ratios.


  • Migra's combinational loads have you covered in a wide variety of hunting situations.


  • Absolutely NO fillers. Migra shells are ONLY packed with high-quality components.
9/10/2020 10:43 pm

Pellet Count Review Only

by Matt

Pellet count was a bit of a let-down. 3 shot: 152, 6 shot: 60. Haven't shot/patterned it yet. Call me crazy, but I just assumed it would be a better ratio than that.

12/3/2020 1:48 pm

would not cycle

by 6 mile bandit

would not function in my SBE II. would shoot and then hang up. The lip of the brass seemed to give way when the gun ejected shell. was basically shooting a single shot the whole hunt. borrowed any brand from a buddy and gun performed flawlessly as it always does.

12/29/2020 5:58 pm

Worst. Shells. Ever.

by Caveat Emptor fro KY

DO NOT BUY THESE CRAP SHELLS! I thought my shotgun was messed up because every other time I pulled the trigger these shells would not fire. There would be a dent in hull where the firing pin had hit the cap and then it wouldn’t go off. I know now why they would only sell this ammo by the case, because no one would buy more than a box once they had tried them.

1/5/2021 5:13 pm

Great ammo

by 04 Cattle Co

Purchased a case from Mack’s PW, promptly received it, put it to work right away. Functions flawlessly in my SBE III. It has plenty of knockdown for ducks.

10/24/2022 11:05 pm

Great concept, better value

by Brad

I'm not sure why stacked loads aren't more common, but I liked the idea and the Migras are working as expected. I don't understand the negative reviews, my whole crew shot and liked Migra last year, out of pumps and semis without issue. The 3/6 Timber are an early season go to for me, great for teal, but can kill the big ducks too, especially in close.

5/12/2023 8:21 pm

Not one problem in 500 rounds.

by Jim

Great shooting, patterning, and consistently firing. Not a single issue out of two cases between the timber and stacked 2/4. Something tells me the only ones having problems are lacking in the gun care department…..