Although chest waders are the most popular option for duck hunting, some prefer to wear hip waders (also referred to as hip boots), which are a type of waterproof boot that extends from the foot to just below the hip. Hip waders have many benefits for hunting and can be used in fishing as well as other outdoor activities. This style is lighter, making it a good choice for hunting for Teal in warmer climates. Hip waders also make it easier to move through flooded rice fields or flooded timber areas that are 1-2 feet deep, where standard boots are too short, and chest waders will hinder your movement and leave you sweaty. Hip waders can also provide some measure of protection from bites and stings from insects or other creatures. For all these reasons, hip waders can be an important piece of gear for duck hunters. At Mack’s PW, you’ll find hip waders from top brands like Frogg Toggs, Banded, Lacrosse and Drake.