Mossy Oak Treestand

Mossy Oak Treestand Hunting whitetails from a tree is one of our favorite pursuits here at Mack's Prairie Wings. If we took the time to add up all the hours we’ve spent in a treestand over the years, we’d probably wonder just how anything gets done around here. But it is exactly that dedication to the sport that helps us bring you a pattern as effective as Treestand. Designed specifically for the hardcore whitetail hunters who hunt from an elevated position, Treestand offers whitetail hunters the ideal camouflage solution for altering their silhouette among the bare limbs of a tree in late fall. Treestand is built to defeat the deer’s eye view of looking up through the limbs of bare trees. Mossy Oak's new Treestand pattern is the ultimate camo for the over 12 million hunters that hit the woods each year in pursuit of whitetails.

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