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Adrenal Line The Finisher Duck Killer Brass Hunting Tool

Adrenal Line The Finisher Duck Killer Brass Hunting Tool



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The Adrenal Line Finisher Duck Killer Brass Hunting Tool. Keeping it simple works. Less is more especially while duck hunting. Cheap and effective are even better the Finisher is a simple way to dispatch wildfowl quickly cleanly and humanely. Bird hunting made quick clean and easy! Adrenal Line has invented a remarkable alternative to the out-of-date and inhumane techniques that can damage or destroy your trophy bird.

The Finisher is a patented device that has been successfully tested in the field years and continues to hold true to its name. This method will kill any bird instantly with a small amount of pressure where the back of neck and base of the skull meet. At the size of a quarter it can easily be worn on your lanyard vest jacket or any other hunting gear. Do not miss out on the product that will revolutionize your hunting experience!

The Finisher is about the size of a quarter and hand-made here in the USA. It's an artisanal rendering of a duck head with the old-school x's-for-eyes that denotes “dead”. The slight heft and warm luster of brass are immediately appealing. The business end of the inch-long bill-like protuberance is as sharp as a schoolmarm's number 2 pencil. The base is comparable to about a #3 shot-size pellet and is intentionally sized to minimize damage to duck capes possibly destined for taxidermy studios.

The Finisher method is similar to a process used in South Louisiana where keen cajuns pluck a primary feather from the bird's wing and insert the quill at the base of the skull. It doesn't “scramble the brain” as some have surmised.

With one hand making a fist the bird's bill is pressed to it's neck and the foramen magum (fancy term for the hole at the base of the skull where the spine adjoins) is located with the thumb. With the other hand The Finisher is deftly inserted. It severs the bird's spinal cord and finishes it – as quickly cleanly and humanely as possible. It takes some practice but when used as intended birds simply relax into final sleep. No prolonged flapping around the blind. Finished.

Unlike ringing the neck The Finisher doesn't damage plumage let alone rip the head from the bird's body. Attached to a zipper pull or a call lanyard The Finisher not only remains handy but looks good – a far cry from keeping up with a set of vice grip like somethings in the marsh.

The Finisher works as described and satisfies the criteria of less is best. Made in America too. Cheap and effective it will last a lifetime.

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