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Drake Ghillie Shallow Water Chair Blind

Drake Ghillie Shallow Water Chair Blind



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Drake Ghillie Shallow Water Chair Blind 

Whether set up in dry corn, cattails, buck brush, or in the timber, there are two things you can be certain of - one, you will be completely invisible to the ducks, and two, you will be incredibly comfortable. With straps on all 4 sides, brush the Chair Blind to the environment you are hunting. And the best part, lift the seat, fold one side, then the other fully brushed, secure the latch and you can take off - It’s that easy and fast. Other than incredible portability, the beauty of this blind is it’s small footprint. It can look like a small clump of willows. You can see skid blinds from 100’s of yards away. You brush this with corn and it disappears. When sitting on the ground, it’s about 55” tall, but when you put it in 20” of water, the profile shrinks to 35”. That’s not much sticking out of the water. You can also control the height of the chair up to 5” with individual pins in each leg. While shallow water field hunters will love this chair, timber hunters will use them as well. Whenever you are standing next to a tree, there are roots to make it awkward, but you have to hide behind them. With this chair, you can sit the chair in front of the tree closer to the hole and everyone appreciates a place to sit. You no longer need a tree to hide in the woods or buck brush. It is the buck brush. And the bonnet completely conceals the hunter, at the same time, allowing him to never lose sight of the ducks. The adjustable legs allows you to sit right at water level, or even in the water, if you want a lower profile. The mud pads prevent the legs from sinking too deep in the mud and works to stabilize the Chair. This can also be the perfect blind for your young hunter that needs the perfect hiding spot.

DIMENSIONS Height - 60” to 55” Interior - 30” x 30” FOLDED 60” x 30” x 7”

1) Oversized Seat for Comfort 
2) Strong, Durable Aluminum 
3) Rugged HD2™ Material with Grass Straps 
4) Flip-Top Bonnet with See- Through Mesh 
5) Legs Adjustable by 5” 
6) Mud Pads to Stop Sinking 
7) Super-Fast Breakdown 
8) Collapse/Transport While Brushed

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