Drake Ghillie Shallow Water Chair Blind

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Drake Ghillie Shallow Water Chair Blind 

Hunt Ducks where it’s hard to hide.
How many times have you looked across a flooded field LOADED with ducks and geese, then said “If only there was somewhere to hide.” Those days are over. This one-man duck hunting blind’s portability and small footprint is a game changer. Use the elastic stretch cord to brush the body of this blind with button willows, cornstalk, cattails, tule, natural grass, or buckbrush. Instead of a big permanent box blind that stands out like a sore thumb, take a small group of hunters, and turn, hard to hide in sheet water, into small clumps of willows or standing uncut corn. Blend into the marsh grass or fence line, like never before. If those ducks and geese are working 100 yards downwind, fold these up and head that way, in seconds. Don’t forget about flooded timber. Now, you can hunt in front of the tree, instead of hiding behind it. Perfect for giving the grandkids and grandpa a front-row seat to an awesome hunt.
Construction: Rather than taking a folding chair and adapting a top to it, we constructed a duck hunting blind from the ground up. Our patent-pending tri-fold design, all-aluminum square tubing is built to last. The main frame has no plastic parts to break. The rugged aluminum mud pads run the full front to rear length giving you rock-solid stability when out in a flooded field or buck brush.

• Rugged HD2™ Material with Grass Straps& Pockets
•Strong, durable aluminum
• Flip-Top Bonnet with See-Through Mesh
• Adjustable Legs by 5”
• Oversized Seat for Comfort
• Easy Set-Up/Break-Down
• Patent Pending Tri-Fold Design
• Height -55" to 60"
• Interior -32" x 30"
• Folded -48" x 30" x 7"
• 27 lbs.

*Maximum Weight Capacity of 400 lbs.
12/20/2020 6:06 am

Great gag gift

by Rk

I have never written a review in my life but felt compelled.

1. The seat doubles as a secret trap door. The pin that attaches the fold down chair easily slips out upon any movement and when you stand up to shoot the seat can come out of the slotted from side bar.

2. The door that attaches with magnets to allow for easy release is as worthless as an empty box of donuts. Unless you can keep the chair squared up and level in the “shallow water” there is absolutely no way to keep it attached.

3. The really cool looking canopy has two pins that won’t stay In and two whimpy snaps on the back to keep it from coming forward are worthless.

Overall my biggest gripe is its flimsy and just can’t get right. You feel like your siting on a wobbly rocking horse.

1/1/2021 8:57 pm

Probably should go with the Momarsh Invisichair

by Mike Cruce

The pins are worthless. I replaced mine before the first hunt but forgot the seat pin which wiggles out easily. Magnets on door flap are not strong enough to keep it closed so if you touch it while ducks are working it will fall and you will flare them. The other side of the flap is secured by snaps. One of these broke after one hunt. The buckle that keeps the chair folded for transport is plastic but under tremendous tension and should be metal. Legs are not independently adjustable so uneven ground is difficult to hunt and affects the functionality of the canopy. There are no pockets, loops, etc. inside to hold anything like coffee cup, calls, shells.

1/1/2021 11:17 pm

Field tested

by Toby

Purchased Nov 2020
I’ll start off by giving you the facts first (opinions to follow).
Preface - I have only used this blind in the marsh and amongst the cattails. I have NOT used it in shallow water settings yet.
Fact 1 - the chair legs are adjustable for height (L & R side) they are NOT independently adjustable as is some other chair blinds
FACT 2 - the flip top bonnet does have only 1 hitch pin holding the top attached to the frame on each side. The hitch pin can become undone easily during folding. This can be rectified with adding tape to the pin or a simple oring
Fact 3 the front door/magnet attachment is not the most positive attachment. It stays closed during winds up to 30mph but there is no simple way to close it well while seated in the blind

1/5/2021 1:53 pm

Marsh recliner

by Ryan

I want to start this off with I have plenty of drake stuff and love them. But. This missed the mark. It never feels sturdy even sank in silt. The seat is so far to the back of chair you find yourself feeling like you are in a low rider. Once you actually grass it up the small mags on the door aren't strong enough to hold it shut. The pins that hold in the legs will push out when the chair sinks in the mud. I wanted to love this and was one of the first to order it. The biggest positive was that I told drake all the issues I had and the customer service was top notch. Took both of them back no questions asked other than to give some feedback of the issues. I'd still be interested in a 2.0

12/10/2021 7:55 am

Good blind

by Derek

This blind is very easy to carry and is perfect for the small ponds I hunt. I did notice on the flip top the material was sewn incorrectly exposing the shiny metal ban on one side. Was an easy fix with some spray paint.

1/4/2022 6:57 pm

A not so happy customer

by Jerry Vee

I own 4 invisichair blinds but wanted to try this because it was on sale and I wanted to save some money. I can honestly tell you that you get what you pay for. First off, if you are a bigger person, this chair is NOT for you. The legs are not very sturdy and the seat is not solid as with Momarsh. When I initially set this up, the "magnet door" broke. The magnet which was glued fell off. Not a hard fix, but I replaced it with a stronger magnet which is much needed to handle the weight of the door and raffia grass. It's overall a clumsy design and it won't last long. If I could return it, I would. Save your money and buy something else. Not a Happy customer.

12/10/2022 4:01 pm

2 reviews

by Adam

It's a little heavier than the MoMarsh. I can deal with the pins I can't see shit out of the MoMarsh and honestly don't know how long it will last It's basically a expensive folding chair. The Drake is completely different way sturdier frame and a much bigger seat. I have both I like the individual adjustment for each leg on the MoMarsh other than that Drake hands down.

3/10/2023 2:10 pm

Waste of money

by EN

First time I’ve had anything bad to say about DRAKE PRODUCTS. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS CHAIR !