Avery HexaBumper Hunting Dog Training Dummies

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The Avery HexaBumper Hunting Dog Training Dummies are the first in training bumper innovation in years! The HexaBumper's design eliminates many of the disadvantages of traditional round bumpers and holds up to the daily routines of pro trainers!

  • Six flat sides for easier hold
  • Raised VGrips promote superior hold
  • Valveless design will never take on water
  • Firm bumper reduces chomping tendency
  • Flasher produces hi-vis strobe effect
  • Throw rope included
  • 2 inch and 3 inch diameter models
White is the most common bumper because it is visible on most background.
Orange is used for blind retrieves since dogs cannot distinguish it.
Flasher is perfect for mark training! Alternating panels create a strobe that is visible to dogs on most backgrounds.

    2 inch HexaBumpers:
  • Fine for normal training of large dogs.
  • Easier for young or small dogs to retrieve.
  • Great when training with a lot of bumpers.
    3 inch HexaBumpers:
  • Great for long marks as used in field trials and hunt tests.
  • Perfect size and weight to condition dogs for real ducks.
  • Easier for dogs to see at much further distances.
Pro Tips:
Round up your bumpers and store them in a bag or bucket as the end of each training session. A bumper that is lying around becomes an invitation to a young dog to chew on. Not only is this negative reinforcement to your dog's mark training but it is almost sure to get you an expensive and unnecessary trip to your vet's office. It you keep it simple you‘ll avoid complications.

Your dog can't mark what he can't see so be fair to him by selecting the appropriate color bumper for each scenario. Training saturations change often and can vary from one mark to the next in the same set up so make sure you have several of each color bumper when you head out for training. This simple rule of thumb will help you maximize your training time and efficiency.

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4/19/2021 12:53 am

Poor quality and chewed up in the first 30 min

by Artc1688

Excited about the training tool with many good reviews. Purchased the product for my Lab (7 months old) and within 30 min of playing with her, the top portion was all chewed up & the string fell out... money wasted and buyers beware

1/5/2023 11:13 am

Good quality

by Gus

In response to Artc1688. These are training aids not chew toys…try training your dog instead of playing. These bumpers are great and when used for their intended use, they hold up well.