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Woodhaven Classic V4 Diaphragm Turkey Call

Woodhaven Classic V4 Diaphragm Turkey Call


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The Classic V4 Diaphragm Turkey Call by Woodhaven is a truly superior call! Soft white tape adhesive lined locking frames and latex go into building all of WoodHaven's heirloom quality calls. All calls are kept cooled and out of sunlight until shipping for maximum quality.

WoodHaven Custom Calls are not for the average hunter. Simply the best for the best. No hype nogimmicks—just simple time-tested turkey calls! Quality is dictated by quantity. As quantity gets out of balance quality suffers. WoodHaven Custom Calls will not allow that to happen! As quality will always control quantity they will only build as many calls as maximum quality will allow. Simple isn't it?


  • Loud call but still easy to use 
  • Produces raspier sounds with deeper tones 
  • Three bottom reeds and one V-cut top reed

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