Winchester Bismuth 12 Ga 3" 1 3/8 Oz Box 25 Rd

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Winchester Bismuth 12 Ga 3" 1 3/8 Oz. 1450 fps Box 25 Rd

Winchester Bismuth shatters performance expectations with a premium, uniform shot, which is tin-plated to produce the smoothest, roundest bismuth shot in the industry. To ensure the shot stays uniform and round, Winchester adds a buffering compound that fills voids within the shotshell and cushions the shot upon ignition.

At 40 yards, Winchester Bismuth puts an impressive 90% of the pattern on the target while the two closest competitors demonstrate 66% and 54%. Hunters can also use any choke with Winchester Bismuth for optimum pattern performance. Another important component of Winchester Bismuth is the Winchester Drylok® Wad System and primer system for those days that are not bluebird but when the birds are flying all the same. The proprietary Drylok Wad System keeps powder dry for consistent and dependable ignition despite damp waterfowl conditions. Bismuth shot has gained popularity among die-hard waterfowlers because it is denser than steel, allowing for smaller shot sizes to be used and more pellets within a pattern. It is also less likely to damage older shotguns and performs better than steel through a variety of chokes.

The 3-inch 12-gauge items will be loaded with 1 3/8 ounces of No. 4 shot for ducks and No. 1 shot for decoying geese with a muzzle velocity of 1,450 fps. Bismuth 20-gauge is available in a 3-inch with 1 1/8 ounces of No. 4 shot, traveling at 1,300 fps. Winchester Bismuth will be available in 2022 in 25-cartridge boxes at a price meant for dropping birds, not breaking the bank.

Winchester Bismuth Waterfowl Ammunition Features:
• Premium Bismuth Shot; tin plated, smoothest and roundest in the industry
• Buffered payload puts more pellets on target for 60-yard performance
• Water Resistant- Lacquered primer and double seal wad keep out water
7/24/2022 12:54 pm

over priced

by Charles

Cost is way out their but have to try them for better pattern.

12/14/2022 9:49 am

My new go to shell for ducks!

by William

These number 4’s pattern great.

12/30/2022 8:54 pm

Follow up. Actual Field Test

by William

Used these #4’s on a guided duck hunt 12/27 & 12/28 in West Tennessee. Limited out both days. They hammer ducks. Had a couple one shot kills at 50 yards. Go look at these shells on Winchester’s site, under reviews you will see the actual pattern tests I did on these. I just ordered next years shells from Macks PW. These things are awesome! BTW two hunters in the blind ordered them after watching how they devastate ducks.

Another hunter complained about price. I said you crippled a bird with steel and had to shoot 5 more times to kill it on the water. Mine were one shot kills. Do the math.

1/23/2023 10:02 pm

Buffer and crimp issue

by Greg

I recently bought 5 boxes and opened up the first box and white buffer coated the inside of the box. There was numerous shells leaking thru the crimping and the shot was loose and rattling. The Winchester Rep was very helpful on my return of the shells and said they were addressing the issue with the crimping.

1/25/2023 10:54 am

Not crimped well

by Lee

Ordered 2 boxes and both boxes have a lot of the buffering polymer beads leaking out of the crimps. All the shells had a coating of the beads.