Mojo Outdoors Mud Seat

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Mojo set out to design the most comfortable most stable and most user-friendly seat available to hunters and people of the outdoors – from which came the Mojo Outdoors Mud Seat. It is constructed of rugged steel shaft and supports and is adjustable for seat height and length of insertion into the mud.

Three steel lateral supports are specially shaped and pinned to the shaft so – as to spread when inserted in the mud to provide stability in all directions. The Mojo Mud Seat features a molded plastic seat for comfort and a shoulder strap for ease of carrying to your hunting site.

No more standing long hours in the mud – easily take your seat with you.

  • Made with rugged steel shaft and supports
  • Adjustable seat high and length of insertion into the mud
  • Three steel lateral supports shaped and pinned to spread when inserted into the mud
  • Comfortable molded plastic seat
  • Shoulder strap makes it easy to carry to your hunting site
  • 181/2"-28" Tall

Ratings & Reviews

8 reviews

5/8/2017 10:02 am

The answer to a life-long problem!!

by Verified Customer -

The three wide paddle feet make this both stable and comfortable. carry strap is convenient for transport, appears to be well made and should last many seasons. Great job mojo!Liked It so well, i bought a 2nd one for my partner.

5/8/2017 10:02 am

First seat that doesn't sink in texas coastal mud

by Verified Customer -

Hopefully i only have buy them once (a bit expensive)i will get a couple more now that they are on sale.

5/8/2017 10:02 am

Rave reviews

by Verified Customer -

The quality of this product is unmatched. Way to go mojo!

5/8/2017 10:02 am

Great seat

by Verified Customer -

Overall this is a great marsh seat for the money.

5/8/2017 10:02 am

Very happy

by Verified Customer -

If you look at the other seats available this is the only one that has 3 fold out feet to stabilize you. That's why i bought it. I felt with just 2 feet like on other brands, you'd rock on it in the mud. The seat is adjustable height wise. Works out great so you can hunker down with the seat just under the water if you want and stay low to help hide you in brush etc. Very happy with this product. I hunt public land and its always with me cause we don't know if we'll get a blind to sit in or a stake to hunt by. After hours of standing, its nice to be able to sit down if you want

5/10/2017 1:39 pm

Well made and worth the money.

by Verified Customer -

Good value.

7/7/2018 9:23 am

Best one out there.

by Baxter

I got 5 years out of mine and I’m 300 pounds. Buying another one now. Best one on the market.

9/15/2020 10:05 am

Horrible Customer Service From MoJo

by Drew Anderson

I purchased a mud seat about two years ago. I wished it would have adjusted higher for sitting in deeper water or so my knees weren't in my chest, and it's a little heavy and noisy as it clanks around and heavy. As far as setup it was rock solid, the feet definitely did their job and kept me from sinking or tipping. Then one day last season I went to sit down, and the seat bent to the left and the base of the pole where it meets the foot base bracket went to the right making it look like the letter Z and I fell down in the water cussing and flailing about. I took pictures of it and sent them to Mojo outdoors, and still over a year later have not received a reply. I'm 6'1" 250 pounds so I know I'm not skinny by any means, but for all the good hunts I had with it this one bad experience with the product and the customer service will prevent me from buying ANYTHING Mojo Outdoors ever again.