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Matt Van Cise High Class Aluminum Turkey Pot Call

Matt Van Cise High Class Aluminum Turkey Pot Call


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High Class Call's Maple Aluminum Pot Call is custom tuned by Matt Van Cise for superior sound quality.
This pot call was hand crafted with the finest Sugar Maple wood and combined with a high grade anodized aluminum over brass sound board. Paired with a two piece Birch Striker, this combination not only has a more realistic sound than most aluminum calls but gives the hunter more versatility . From striking a gobbler to bring in him close enough for the shot you would never have to change calls. 

Each call is built and sound tested by Matt Van Cise a multiple World, Grand National and Us Open turkey calling champion. Matt's goal is to produce the absolute best sounding turkey call on the market and he will not sale a call that does produce the precise vocalizations of a hen turkey. When you purchase a High Class Call you are getting the best is sound quality.

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