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Lucky Duck Super Lucky HD Swap Out Decoy

Lucky Duck Super Lucky HD Swap Out Decoy


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Get the best of both worlds. During the early season or on sunny days, run the Super Lucky as a spinner with the extra-large magnetic wings. If it's a cloudy day or approaching late season, swap out the spinning wings for durable EVA flapping wings and draw in those tough birds. This is a Mack's Exclusive combo pack.

Decoys includes:
1 Decoy body
HD remote kit
2 sets of magnetic wings (flapping and spinning
Adjustable wing speed
6 volt battery with charger
3 piece 42'' stake
10/18/2019 1:19 pm

Nice but needs a few tweaks.

by Matt M

Great concept and nice unit. Variable speed is cool. Flapping motion unique, but swap out needs to be improved. Must loosen set screws and remove spinning wing adapters to swap between spinning and flapping wings. No big deal in the garage, but potential for lost tools and parts in the field.

11/21/2019 2:57 am

Just okay

by Matt

I like the Lucky Duck products but this one has some flaws. The swap out is not good for a field time change. I'm also having a hard time pulling the magnetic wings off the decoy. They stick like glue and I feel like I am going to break something every time I remove them.

2/4/2020 7:36 am

Works like a champ

by CA duck hunter

So I got these because they were on sale and the flapping motion is unique. So far they work like a champ !! They brought ducks in from other ponds. Hunt refuges in CA you need something different from the next guy and these did just that. I haven't tried to convert to spinning wings but that's not what I got them for. Time will tell how well they hold up.

9/3/2020 6:55 am

Works well, game changer on late season wary birds

by Jeremy

This decoy is very well made but not thought out fully . It has a unique action that is a game changer in an area where spinners are overused. Changing the wings is the only part that is skeptical. The possibility of losing Tools in the field is likely but overall in satisfied with the purchase

9/20/2020 1:37 pm

Motors seized after 3 uses in 9days.

by Allen

I ordered 2 of these. Both were delivered on 9/11/2020.
<br>I used them 3 times over the past 9 days. Today 9/20/2020 both motors sized. The cloth on the wings have already started to tear.
<br>These were game changing but not built to last.