Invisiblind Natural Cover Duck Blind Concealment Seeds

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Tired of your Duck Blind not blending in with the surrounding vegetation? Now with Invisiblind Natural Cover Duck Blind Concealment Seeds you can create your own natural cover around your blind offering the most realistic camouflage available. Invisiblind was created to provide natural vertical concealment for your duck blind. The mixture of a specialized hybrid variety of Sudan Grass and Sorghum provides tall stalks which aids in hiding your hunting location.

Planting needs to be done at least 60 days before season starts to ensure the plants reach maximum height. If planting conditions are correct you can plant whenever the soil is warm enough (April-September). All the seeds need is good seed to soil contact and then some rainfall. If disking cannot be done you can spray the surrounding area with herbicide and come back and clear the debris with a rake and scatter out the seeds around your blind. Invisiblind contains 2lbs of seeds and should be planted within 1- 10 feet around your blind. Each 2lb container is good for one blind.

48.95% Jackpot Sudan Grass
48.95% WGF Grain Sorguhm
1.5% Inert Matter
.6% Other Crop
0.0% Noxious weed per pound

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