Hunter Safety System 30 foot Reflective Life Line

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The Hunter Safety System Reflective Life Line is 30 foot long and features a prussic knot with a heavy duty carabineer to keep you secure.

The HSS-REFLECTIVE LIFELINE™ features reflective material that “lights up” with the slightest flashlight beam to locate your stand in low-light conditions. All HSS-REFLECTIVE LIFELINEs™ come with our HSS-RECON carabineer

Once properly installed, our HSS-REFLECTIVE LIFELINE™ keeps you connected from the ground to the stand and back again.

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8/29/2023 4:44 pm

Be safe

by General P

A must for all tree stand hunters. Could be a little less expensive but what is your life worth if you fall?

1/2/2024 3:02 pm

Buy it. Could be a life saver.

by CapeCodMike

Was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the line and Prussick knot. Used it. But did not actually test it, fortunately.

If you hunt alone, most of us do, this is a great piece of safety gear. For those of you that hunt in hang on’s or stands without arm rests or a front rail don’t save the short money. The piece of mind is worth it.

I wouldn’t hesitate to buy again.