Higdon XS Crazy Kicker - Mallard Drake Motion Decoy - 12V with Timer

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Higdon XS Crazy Kicker - Mallard Drake 12V with Timer. 

Never again will shallow water be an issue for motion decoys. This motion decoy can be used in a number of settings! There is nothing more enticing than the orange legs of a feeding mallard to add movement and realism to you spread. Unit has a built-in digital timer that rotates the adjustable feet intermittently which splashes water and perfectly simulates feeding ducks. Along with others in the XS line it includes the newer and smaller 12V lithium ion battery reducing overall size and weight.

Recommended water depth is water as shallow as 2 inches. Anti-flipping device included for high winds situations. Remote/receiver compatible (sold separately). Water resistant switch. Runtime: 10hrs. Fast recharge time of 3 hours. An additional battery can be added (sold separately) that will double the battery life.

Package contents: decoy, battery and timer pre-installed within the decoy, charger and operating instructions. A percentage of your purchase will go to Ducks Unlimited to help with their efforts for wetland conservation.
Product Details 
  • 24.25 Inches hammer to tail 
  • 14 Inches hammer to bottom of base 
  • 13 x 10 inch base 
  • 93.72 oz. with hammer and parts attached

Ratings & Reviews

9 reviews

5/8/2017 10:01 am

Duck magnet

by Verified Customer -

I have used mojos and tornado ducks. This decoy is lethal. Big ducks like it. I have limitted everytime using it.

5/8/2017 10:01 am

Well built decoy

by Verified Customer -

Havnt used it on the ducks yet but it's well built and seems to be a quality product

5/8/2017 10:01 am

Its working for duck....l got limited out 20 ducks down....well worth the money!

by Verified Customer -

I love this thing its work for ducks

6/13/2017 10:36 pm

Fantastic Motion!

by Tracy s

A great decoy for those calm days!

7/26/2017 11:52 am


by Seth

The crazy kicker along with the new XS system has added a new, realistic look to the birds and also is a game changer for an avid duck hunter.

2/4/2020 10:46 pm

Purchase the Pulsator instead

by J Mack

I never leave reviews but the issues I have observed need to be shared before considering purchasing a Crazy Kicker. I have hunted over this decoy for 1.5 seasons. The base was not sealed completely leaving a small hole causing the base to take on water and flip the decoy while it was in operation. This happened on a day with little wind. Since this incident I have had issues with corrosion on the electrical connections and the motor windings. I have had to replace the lithium battery, motors and a switch in 1.5 years of light use.This product is great when it runs. The battery life is as advertised. If I could do it again, I would purchase the pulsator.

1/17/2021 1:10 am

Don't waste your money

by Matt

These motion decoys are trash. Bought 2. Didn't even make it 3 hunts before they gave me trouble. Charging ports on the outside were the first thing to become faulty. I have to spin the feet on the decoy to get them to even start....and sometimes it will start and other times it won't. After these kickers and their decoys that the heads constantly fall off of I wouldn't own another product with Higdon wrote on it.

11/15/2021 12:19 pm

Never again

by Justin

Total garbage. Motors are very loud. Every electrical component has failed at least once, including 3 motors, all during the first season. Higdon quality is horrible.

12/27/2022 6:52 am

Don’t waste your money

by Zach Lizotte

Biggest waste of my money recently. Before the first hunt one of the feet broke off and then the clip that keeps the body shut to the base was broken when taken out of the packaging. Second hunt, another foot broke off the second unit I bought. Base doesn’t seal so it can get a little water inside the unit. Typical Chinese crap. Would not recommend to anyone based on the quality.

When it’s working, it looks great in the water. But I wouldn’t imagine it lasting a season of even just light use.