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The Dave Smith Decoys Turkey Flock combines all of the great features of a combination of the Upright Hen Feeding Hen and Breeding Pair decoys by Dave Smith. For all of the guys at Dave Smith Decoys this is their go to setup for turkey hunting. This Turkey Flock is like cat nip to Turkeys it is perfect for all situations and provides everything a turkey might be looking for when coming across that field or through the woods. Throw the kitchen sink at them and have more success!

The old saying is Strength in numbers well this flock gives you the numbers to bring another flock in. Give yourself the advantage this year and don't let that old Tom slip away again. You can get this flock of 4 decoys for a price less than the price of one expensive high quality decoy. If you buy the turkey flock you save money off of the price of all of the individual decoys. Use a turkey flock or 2 for a large enough spread to make any turkey feel at home.
Also included with the Turkey Flock are 4 camo carry bags 3 motion stakes.

Upright Hen:
The original and still Dave Smith Decoy's #1 selling turkey decoy the Dave Smith Upright Hen Turkey Decoy is the decoy that started it all! This was the first-ever ultra-realistic custom turkey decoy and just like when they came out with their first goose decoy Dave Smith turkey decoys changed everything about how well birds would come to decoys. Just like in goose decoys the otherwise complacent turkey decoy industry has scrambled to try to bring something to the market in reaction but nothing has come close to the effectiveness of the flagship turkey decoy.

Feeding Hen:
The Dave Smith Decoys Feeding Hen Turkey Decoy has all of the same great features of DSD's upright hen but in a relaxed anatomically correct feeding posture. The DSD Feeding Hen gives approaching birds the sense that they are safe from danger and that there is an available food source. Field testing has shown that using multiple feeding hens is a great way to attract all turkeys especially in open field setups. The DSD Feeding Hen is a great decoy to add confidence to any setup.
Includes NEW Camo carry bag and motion stake.

Breeding Pair:
When you place the Dave Smith Breeding Pair Turkey Decoys in a gobbler's path you'd better get ready for a show! This turkey decoy setup gives the lifelike appearance of a subordinate jake that is about to breed a willing hen. When gobblers see this they GO NUTS! Feelings of jealousy quickly turn to aggression as the gobblers instincts take over and compel him to stomp the jake into the dirt. Once the attack is on the bird is often so focused on dismembering his opponent that it allows the hunter to move into position to take the shot.

  • Hands-down the most durable and user-friendly decoy ever made!
  • Superior Paint Adhesion even better than prior DSD models!
  • Self-healing - can be shot with very little if any noticeable wear!
  • Soft material makes for quiet transport through the turkey woods!
  • Perfect Memory - if crushed A.C.E. will pop back to shape!
  • Stays flexible and durable in frigid temps!
  • Maintains it's shape and doesn't hold dents in high temps!
  • Packable and semi-compressible to fit more decoys in a smaller space!
  • No increase in weight despite drastic increase in strength!
  • Casts in fine details extremely well!
  • No more bagging decoys!

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5/8/2017 9:58 am

Best turkey decoys hands down!

by Verified Customer -

Awsome detail

5/8/2017 9:58 am

They are extremely realistic

by Verified Customer -

They are a little higher than other decoys, but worth the cost in the long run.

5/8/2017 9:58 am

The dsd's are extremely lifelike

by Verified Customer -

This is a quality product that looks extremely real and is very effective in the field

2/16/2019 9:46 pm

Great Decoys

by Jeff L

Bought these for 2019 turkey season. To be 100% honest it was between DSD and Avian X and I went with the DSD. I was in absolute shock and was very impressed with the realism of these. They are expensive but you get what you pay for.

4/22/2022 9:58 pm

Happy Hoosier

by Mark from Indiana

Very well pleased, ordered on Friday arrived Wednesday. Decoys were everything they advertised.