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Ztraps Dog Proof Coon Trap

Ztraps Dog Proof Coon Trap

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Z-Trap Dog Proof Coon Trap with reflective finish and "pull-only" trigger.

This particular Z-trap Dog Proof Coon Trap has a Zinc Chromate  reflective finish. The colorful finish entices coons to come investigate from further distances away. The Z-trap dog proof coon trap is 1.25" x 1.25" x 4" with a 4 1/2" long with a stabilizer plate on the stake. The "pull only" trigger style will allow you to place your trap in areas where pets may roam, significantly reducing your chances of catching unwanted animals. Also included are two swivels on the anchor chain to help prevent twisting. 

Recommended baits:  marshmallows, cat and dog food, corn, protein pellets, tuna and table scraps. 


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