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Wildgame Sugar Beet Crushed Liquid - 1 Gallon

Wildgame Sugar Beet Crushed Liquid - 1 Gallon


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Wildgame Sugar Beet Crushed Liquid - 1 Gallon

Not everyone has heard of a sugar beet, but deer hunters sure have. That's because deer love 'em. What if you could combine the attracting power of sugar beets with rack-building minerals? Enter Sugar Beet CRUSH® Liquid attractant. 

This liquid mineral pours out an irresistible, pure sugar beet scent that every deer will smell for miles. The time-release formula sends long-range aromas that keep working even after the attractant is gone. That's because the mineral liquid attractant leaches deep into the ground to form an active mineral site that's easy to maintain. Give them what the ywant with Sugar Beet Crush Liquid.
  • Captures one of deer’s favorite treats that can be difficult to find 
  • Effective nationwide and year-round 
  • Ready-to-use; no mixing required 
  • Releases up to 600% more scent molecules than ordinary attractants 
  • Airborne Technology™ creates long-range scent vapor trail 
  • Pour over logs, stumps and ground to form a mineral site or supplement additional minerals on top of feed
WEIGHT 1 gallon 
INGREDIENTS Sodium carbonate, salt, citric acid, xanthan gum, guar gum, sugar beet by-product, natural and artificial sweeteners, natural and artificial flavors, natural and artificial colors 
SALT (%) 24 
VOLUME 1 gallon

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