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Wild Game Changer Forage Bean Deer Food

Wild Game Changer Forage Bean Deer Food


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Wild Game Changer Forage Bean Deer Food. High octane food plot. 50 lb bag. The Wild Game Changer GT glyphosate tolerant game plot soybeans. This selection has good height, as well as stress tolerance, and an excellent disease package. The Wild Game Changer is suitable for all soil types and is also an indeterminate growth type. This bean keeps growing under adverse conditions insuring a successful, clean plot with glyphosate resistant weed control.

HOW IT WORKS. As we all know, deer love vegetation. Wild Game Changer GT soybeans can take serious deer pressure and continue to put out leafy vegetation well into deer hunting season. The added benefit of utilizing glyphosate to control the weed pressure will ensure a beautiful stand. Wild Game Changer is an indeterminate group V soybean which means it will produce the nourishing vegetation long into the fall and early winter months. Simply broadcast or plant one bag to the acre and watch them shoot out of the ground. Placement in areas that can receive adequate moisture will help to solidify very tall plants, but even under drought conditions Wild Game Changer will produce vegetation that will be sure to pull that trophy deer to the plot. It’s simple and effective! A double whammy for those deer enthusiasts throughout the country.

Wild Game Changer will grow in the toughest of environments to ensure your plot has the vegetation to attract wildlife. The GT soybean is going to be a game changer for your plots. Clean plots will be an excellent backdrop when you drop that big buck. Wild Game Changer will be there and be a stable source of vegetation in your plot.

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