Waterfowl Junkie Bird Hitch H-2 Bird Breaster

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Waterfowl Junkie Bird Hitch H-2 Bird Breaster is the best and most versatile cleaner ever made. Works on any sized Game Birds including Large Canada Geese,Sandhill Cranes,Swans and Turkeys... The new Pry Bar has tons of power to take on the Biggest of birds . Also works great for birds with broken wings. Leave the pry bar in the down position and clean smaller birds such as Teal and pheasants fast and easy the way the Bird Hitch is famous for. The reviews speak for themselves. Riser is included with this model. Made in the USA
11/6/2021 2:13 pm

A need for every hunter!

by Toby

Every hunter needs one! Works great!

11/7/2021 7:41 am

Best deal!

by Brandon

If you ever use a H1 buy a H2 works amazing!

12/3/2021 8:56 am

Works great in hardware store parking lot.

by Pat

No directions for assembly. Missing parts. Did work after trip to hardware store.

12/14/2021 12:45 pm

Dissappointed !

by DennisV

Used one time on 3 specks and it tore them up badly.
It was slower and more mess than simply fileting out the breast on the whole bird.
MPW will not let me return it since it's been used once, so now I'm stuck with it.
Worst $200 I ever spent. VERY DISSAPPOINTED !!!

1/18/2022 4:55 am

A Little Disappointed!!

by Chad A Lovett

Mack’s shipped this asap and it arrived in a timely manner. The finish on the breaster was flaking out of the box, not a huge deal. There were no instructions for assembly or use, still not a huge deal. It should have come packaged with its own receiver hitch pin at that price. Product takes some practice and is not as easy as claimed.because of all this I can only give it 3 stars.

10/19/2022 4:20 pm

OK for ducks, but not as pictured

by Stephen

Just ok. Not as pictured. Design has apparently changed and is no longer as easy to pry apart ducks or geese. The black bar/lever does not extend past the end of the silver piece anymore, but rather is inside it and requires you to pull up to separate birds. Did not come with any instructions on assembly, which was an issue when the parts sent aren't what are in the picture. Dont believe the youtube videos of the ducks just magically coming apart. It takes some work. That being said, its still useful for ducks if your trying to skin birds (e.g. for restriction on import from Canada). For geese (greater canadas) it was nearly useless and we had to basically cut the mangled carcass apart.

8/21/2023 2:33 pm

H2 bird breaster

by Glen St. Aubin

Haven't used it yet, will be using it in Saskatchewan in about 3 weeks. One problem that I can think of is there were no assembly instructions in the box !!! I have read this complaint on Internet reviews.

9/30/2023 6:55 pm

Saves a Ton of Time

by ElJefe

I recently purchased the Bird Hitch H-2 and used it for the first time in a recent trip to Saskatchewan. We used it on everything from teal to snow geese, Canada geese, and a few cranes. There was a bit of a learning curve but once we did half a dozen birds it was a breeze to breast out the rest. Buy one it saves a ton of time especially with large numbers of birds to clean/breast!