Toe Tags Hevihitter Waterfowl Transport Tags With Mack's Logo

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Toe Tags Hevihitter 

This tag is used to attach to game carriers that the hunters own and/or can be used when zip tying necks of birds together prior to transport. This tag allows for multiple birds and types of birds to be listed under one hunter.


Toe Tags were developed to help you, the hunter, easily and conveniently tag your waterfowl and game birds and bring you in compliance with the Federal Migratory Game Bird Treaty Act of 1918! 
Simply Put…. 

These tags are for tagging individual birds without the use of a game carrier system. It’s the law to separate and tag your birds however if you do not separate your birds but everyone is individually tagged you will have far less issues than a group of thirty ducks in the bed of a truck with three guys in it and only three tags in the back.

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