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The Tru-Fire Patriot Jr Bow Release shortened version of its big brother. The release head utilizes the same parts as the adult model because Tru-Fire will not compromise your safety. Whichever model you choose you know you can trust Tru-Fire's quality and it's 100% American made.

  • Same release head as its big brother
  • Economical and comfortable nylon power strap w/fast and simple
  • Velcro closure system less than 5 seconds and it's on fits both right and left hand
  • Guaranteed to fit the smallest of hands including a child's
  • The most economical American made junior release on the market

The truth about 360 degree rotation: Many release companies say they have 360 degree rotation. What these companies are not telling you is the rotation is between the body of the release and the strap which is virtually useless. At full draw with a release that rotates between the body and strap if you rotate your wrist you will not be able to reach your trigger because the trigger is still parallel to the ground. Our patented 360 line of releases has a head and body that are independent of each other. This means you get full rotation in front of the body not behind. Look for yourself if your release has jaws and a trigger located in the same body or component then your release is not a Tru-Rotater.

For a release to have Tru torque free rotation the head of the release (where the jaws are located) and the body of the release (where the trigger is located) must be two separate components. To be truly torque free the head of your release where the jaws are housed should be able to rotate independently of the body. Note: Tru-Rotation is an extremely important feature when your release is directly attached to your bow's serving.

Length Adjustment without Tools!

If you want the finest most precise length adjustment system in the industry you've found it. The Tru-Fire system is able to adjust the length between the trigger and the strap by over 1 inch. Within that inch there are 32 different length positions you can set. All this is done without the use of a tool. Just turn the head of the release or the black barrel behind the head and you are set. It's that simple. Length adjustment is important for proper index finger placement on your trigger. If your release is too long and you are reaching for the trigger target panic can set in. Another situation is if you put a glove on under your release. Because of the thickness of the glove the trigger will now be too close to the strap. With this system just turn the head and your adjustment is made.

Tru-Fire goes the extra mile for Research and Development

When Tru-Fire says their releases can handle excessive amounts of weight and years of use they can actually prove it! With their exclusively designed release tester they can automatically load onto the release rotate the head (if applicable) apply pressure and fire the trigger in mere seconds via pneumatics. During the development of a new release Tru-Fire tests new models at a staggering 200 pounds for 20000 continuous cycles. By testing the products at this extreme level of weight and cycles they insure that you the consumer will have a release that will not fail you.

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