Smith's 4 inch Arkansas Stone with Pouch

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Smith's 4 inch Arkansas Stone with Pouch is perfect for sharpening any knife large or small. It comes with a fabric storage pouch which features a fold over flap and belt loop.

  • 4 inch Medium Arkansas Stone Sharpens Large or Small Knives
  • Fabric Pouch for Storage and Protection
  • Stone Size: 4 x 1 x 3/8 inches
  • Grit: Medium - 600 Grit

    Sharpening Instructions:
    • Put a small amount of Smith’s Honing Solution on your stone.
    • Place your blade on the end of the stone at the desired sharpening angle.
    • Push the blade away from you just like you were trying to cut a thin slice off the top of the stone. Use moderate pressure let the stone do the work. Repeat this pushing stroke 3 or 4 times. Try to maintain the same approximate angle with each stroke. This is the key to obtaining the sharpest edge.
    • Sharpen the other side of the blade by placing your blade across the opposite end of your stone and repeat previous steps this time pushing the blade toward you.
    • Continue these steps until you feel your blade is truly sharp.
    • Cleaning your stones will keep the pores free of stone and metal particles. After each use the Arkansas stones should be cleaned by scrubbing vigorously with water liquid soap and a stiff nylon brush.

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