Scent Control Systems Extreme Cream Hunting Equipment Lubricant

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Scent Control Systems Extreme Cream Hunting Equipment Lubricant provides the ultimate protection against rust and corrosion in the most extreme conditions. The Weatherlock technology and design uses state of the art science to produce a superior anti-corrosion blocker.This great lubricant can be used on any hunting gear that needs water proofing.

Scent Control Systems Odorless Weatherlock Extreme Cream out performs any product in its class. Extreme Cream's special formulated design provides an odorless protectant and lubricant that will molecularly bond to metals plastics woods fabrics and leathers to lock out moisture. Rain snow ice wind cold and heat are conditions that we put our equipment through. Extreme conditions call for extreme protection Extreme Cream functions in temperatures below -40F and in excess of 400F.

Scent Control Systems Odorless Weatherlock Extreme Cream was designed for long term superior protection while in the field or in the safe. The special formulated design does not allow lubricant and protection properties to break down. Weatherlock Extreme Cream's special blend is environmentally safe non-toxic and non-flammable. The advanced technology used in Weatherlock Extreme Cream creates a 100% sealed barrier that is completely invisible.

Scent Control Systems Odorless Weatherlock Extreme Cream's formulation also provides advance lubrication with PTFE. It has been used for years as a coating on specialized bullets to reduce the wear on rifling. Extreme Cream is a great lubricant for archery gear bolt actions slides firing pins triggers pump actions as well as used as an anti-seize for breach nipples and choke tubes. Use on firearms knives tolls zippers weather-tight threads boots battery terminals tree stands o-rings gunstocks metals fabrics woods plastics and leathers etc. Weatherlock Extreme Cream literally has hundreds of applications for the best lubrication and corrosion protection you can buy we Guarantee it!
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