RNT DC Mondo LA Single Reed Duck Call

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The Rich-N-Tone DC Mondo LA Single Reed Duck Call was made in the honor of the true Cut-down calls of the past from North Louisiana and South or "Lower" Arkansas hence the "LA" designation and the tell tale, hard angled toneboard that is cutdown under the reed.  There have been man legends made of callers/hunters using this style call in the hardwood bottoms, cypress brakes and fields of the region.  With it's loose and easy bottom to its loud tooth jarring rattle on top, the Mondo LA is the great addition to your lanyard that will stand alongside the legacy of that old black call your Grandfather, Father or favorite Uncle cut and tuned years ago.

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11/29/2021 6:48 pm

Circa 1970 Old School South AR Duck Call

by AndyG

Zero back pressure and LOUD with no ring. Just touching it with air and a cupped hand tenders that raunchy lonesome hen quack that would never win a Main Street competition but will entice a Drake Mallard to hunt the call. Gruff, throaty chatter that only a well tuned Cut Down is capable of and a disposition like the old modified, hard rubber Olt D2 Keyholes we were raised on in South Arkansas. The Mondo LA is tailored to the old school, simple repertoire common to venues like Wham Brake, Felsenthal and Cut-Off Creek during the 1960’s and 1970’s. It’s an acquired taste with a learning curve so prepare yourself for a case of the “Blue Monkeys” as you learn a tried and true style of calling that will put them in the decoys. Dizziness accompanied with the sight of Blue Monkeys darting across the sky is to be expected but it’s well worth the trouble once you get it.

11/30/2021 9:31 pm

True Old School Duck Call

by Andy

The L. A. cut is reminiscent of the Old Style Olt D2 Keyhole pattern we were raised on in S AR. I won’t say it has a bass leaning or a soprano tilt to it. I will say it SCREAMS in high gear. It’s not necessarily the high volume as there is no ring but this call has an overwhelming sense of urgency.

The repertoire the Mondo LA is capable of is like nothing you have ever heard at the hunting clubs in Illinois or in the Green Timber of Eastern Arkansas. It dates back to the 1960’s and 1970’s in the flooded Cypress sloughs of Desha County, AR, Cut-Off Creek WMA, the now off-limits Wham Brake of Northern Louisiana or Felsenthal. A few LOUD barks to get their attention, LOUD, throaty chatter to keep them vectored in with some soft, whiny notes and that, gruff, gravely, one-of-a-kind lonesome hen quack to seal the deal.

Mastering this tool demands sacrifice and patience but the payoff exceeds the investment.

12/2/2021 11:48 pm

The Real Deal

by Andy

A Gentleman from North Louisiana introduced this Cut to South Arkansas on a hunt in Cut-Off Creek WMA with one of my mentors circa 1972. The RNT L. A. Mondo brings back this simple but deadly style of calling: Loud hail/greeting calls and loud, throaty chatter to get their attention with soft, slow 3-4 whining note strings and a few gruff, raspy short lonesome Hen quacks to put them in the Decoys.

12/5/2023 12:29 pm


by Slim

Good call, switched from the original DC Mondo. Just slightly easier to blow than original. Great sounds all the way through