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Rage Hypodermic +P Broadhead - 100GR

Rage Hypodermic +P Broadhead - 100GR

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Rage Hypodermic + P Broadhead features a 1.5 inch cut for greater penetration. Comes in 100 grain 3 pack.

The Rage Hypodermic +P Broadhead is a broadhead designed for maximized penetration the Hypodermic +P Broadhead from Rage delivers the damage on larger game animals. A great broadhead choice for lower poundage bows as well the Hypodermic +P's two 0.035" stainless steel blades sweep back dramatically after deployment to reduce friction and provide unprecedented penetration. A compact expandable broadhead design made with Ferrule Alignment Technology (F.A.T.) for optimized flight performance the Hypodermic +P gives bowhunters surgical precision from any setup. Topped with a smooth penetrating Hypodermic hybrid tip this broadhead's performance steel ferrule houses its razor sharp rear-deploying Slipcam blades. Held firmly in place before impact by high energy shock collars these deadly blades expand upon entry to deliver a initial 2" entry wound and 1.5" wound channel for an easy-to-follow blood trail and a quick kill. Shock collar design ensures correct blade retention and deployment even on shots from high power bows. 3 pack.

  • Feature-packed high performance expandable broadhead
  • Maximized penetration design - great for larger game animals or use with lower poundage bows
  • Compact design topped with a strong smooth penetrating hybrid tip
  • Strong steel ferrule
  • 2 Slipcam 0.035" stainless steel blades - rear-deploying razor sharp
  • Friction-reducing swept-back blade design - big 2" entry wound with 1.5" wound channel
  • High energy shock collar - holds blades firmly before impact ensures proper deployment
  • F.A.T. technology - optimal aerodynamics velocity and downrange energy
  • 3 to a pack 
  • 100 Grain

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