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RNT Old Style Single Reed Duck Call

RNT Old Style Single Reed Duck Call


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The RNT Old Style Single Reed Duck Call is calling at its truest form. Back to the time when volume was not as highly regarded as a deep raspy soft sound. The guys at RNT have gone back to the roots of RNT on this call. To the first few years when Butch sat in his garage and started building what hunters have come to know as RNT's overwhelmingly successful Original. And it is evident in every way.

From its signature RNT designed toneboard its 1/4 inch tone channel to its mellow deeper sounding 1/4 inch bore. The 1/4 inch tone channel design gives you a deeper sound and its straight 1/4 inch bore gives you a softer mellower tone than its trumpet shaped predecessor the Original while still allowing you top to bottom versatility. This same designed call built by Butch over 25 years ago is still being used by guides all over the flooded timber today. As soon as you hear the deep rich sound of the Old Style you will have to have one. You better put your order in quick because the line out in front of Butch's old garage is starting to get long.

Developed in a simpler time when duck hunting was duck hunting and duck calling was duck calling. Tie an Old Style on your lanyard breathe easy fill your lungs with the air of the outdoors and step back in a nostalgic time when volume was not as highly regarded in a duck call as a realistic pure ducky sound. Enjoy.

Acrylic-Acrylic is a form of Plexiglas. It is cast into a solid rod which in turn makes this material very dense unlike molded plastics. Each rod is then turned down producing a call that is unmatched in consistency sound quality and durability. Acrylic is more dense than wood and will produce a much sharper and louder sound. It has also been a guide favorite for years do to its superior durability over the years of harsh hunting conditions.

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