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RNT Duck Call Tuning Kit

RNT Duck Call Tuning Kit



sold out for 2020=2021


The RNT Duck Call Tuning Kit is everything you need for tuning your RNT Calls. The stylish RNT embellished hard plastic case includes customized reed trimming scissors a razor knife a screwdriver a large assortment of reeds (.007 Standard Reeds .007 Dimpled Reeds .010 Standard Reeds .010 Precut Reeds .010 Dimpled Precut Reeds .010 Quackstacker Reeds .014 Quackstacker Reeds) corks (RNT Standard Cork Extra Tall Cork) RNT standard duck O-Rings and space for extra storage.

Everything you need in one handy package — keep your RNT Duck Call in tip top shape and in perfect tone!

  • Cork
  • O-rings
  • Razor knife
  • Screwdriver
  • Hard plastic case
  • Assortment of reeds
  • Customized reed trimming scissors
  • Everything you need for tuning your calls

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