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Ramcat 1-1/2" 125 Grain Crossbow Broadhead

Ramcat 1-1/2" 125 Grain Crossbow Broadhead


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The Ramcat 100 Fixed Blade Broadhead will “Smoke” the competition in accuracy and penetration because the patent pending, deep lobed “Hydroshock” chisel tip: 1) Drafts the wind over the blades in flight preventing windplaning and resulting in field point accuracy from any bow (including crossbows)! 2.) Creates a hydrofoil as it goes through the target forcing the mass outward; reducing the friction down the arrowshaft allowing “EXTREME” penetration. If for whatever reason the Ramcat does not pass through the target, the blades will roll forward and create a “backcut” increasing your odds of retrieving your game. IMPORTANT: Make sure the Ramcat’s large diameter blades completely clear your crossbow when shooting.

  • 1 1/2" Cutting Diameter
  • 125 Grain
  • 3 to a pack

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