Preston Pittman The Flock Trio Turkey Diaphragm Call 3-Pack

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Preston Pittman The Flock Trio Turkey Diaphragm Call 3-Packincludes Preston's Frequencer Preston's Vengeance and Preston's Xciter.

Preston Pittman's Frequencer has 2 1/2 reeds with ghostcut is great for spring or fall hunting. The kee kee caller also.
Preston's Vengeance for soft or loud calls is a user friendly three reed call
Preston Pittman's Xciter has light triple reeds with a cutter cut that's great for cutting and cackling.

Diaphram Call/How to Use:
  • Place caller in roof of mouth with reed pointing out. ALWAYS exhale air; NEVER inhale air through mouth. Exhale through mouth; inhale through nose.
  • Hold in place by the back or middle of tongue – not the tip. If it tickles the tip of your tongue move the caller further back. DO NOT PLACE TOO FAR BACK AS CHOKING MAY RESULT!!!
  • The two ways to achieve the two notes of the basic hen yelp are; apply more (high note) or less (low note) tongue pressure or drop jaw slightly.
Maintenance Tips:
  • Always keep caller away from direct contact with sunlight or heat.
  • For maximum rasp keep reeds separated by placing toothpicks or spacers between reeds.
  • To preserve caller store in refrigerator between hunts. Between seasons place in box or bag and put in freezer.
  • All multi-reed callers may be tuned. By letting some reeds stick together a different sound is achieved. The proper way is the long reed up or tab touching the tongue.

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