Preston Pittman Little Killer Diaphragm Turkey Call

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Preston Pittman Little Killer Diaphragm Turkey Call is a thin two reed diaphragm call with a small frame for men women and children with smaller or high palates. This Preston Pittman Little Killer Diaphragm Turkey Call is designed for people who can't use larger calls.

Diaphram Call/How to Use:
  • Place caller in roof of mouth with reed pointing out. ALWAYS exhale air; NEVER inhale air through mouth. Exhale through mouth; inhale through nose.
  • Hold in place by the back or middle of tongue – not the tip. If it tickles the tip of your tongue move the caller further back. DO NOT PLACE TOO FAR BACK AS CHOKING MAY RESULT!!!
  • The two ways to achieve the two notes of the basic hen yelp are; apply more (high note) or less (low note) tongue pressure or drop jaw slightly.
Maintenance Tips:
  • Always keep caller away from direct contact with sunlight or heat.
  • For maximum rasp keep reeds separated by placing toothpicks or spacers between reeds.
  • To preserve caller store in refrigerator between hunts. Between seasons place in box or bag and put in freezer.
  • All multi-reed callers may be tuned. By letting some reeds stick together a different sound is achieved. The proper way is the long reed up or tab touching the tongue.

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