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Pennington Rackmaster Chicory Wildlife Seed Deer Food

Pennington Rackmaster Chicory Wildlife Seed Deer Food

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Pennington Rackmaster Chicory Wildlife Seed Deer Food is a new variety of perennial chicory developed by New Zealand breeders for the United States. Choice is a great name because this chicory produces high quality high protein high yielding choice forage for deer and other wildlife. Choice has been selected for its high yields improved cool season growth and improved persistence. Choice can produce up to 6 tons of dry matter forage per acre per year with protein levels of up to 32% and digestibility of the new leaves up to 90 to 95%.

Through its deep taproot Choice Chicory has the ability to make minerals more available in its leaves compared to other types of forage. Increased potassium calcium magnesium sulfur zinc and sodium make Choice Chicory leaves irresistible to whitetail deer. Choice Chicory is a highly preferred grazing tolerant plant that has good drought resistance.Planting Date: Sept. - Oct. fall planting Feb. - Apr. spring planting

Rate: 5 lbs./1 2/3 acre

Depth: 1/4 inch maximum

Best For: Deer Turkey and Rabbit

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