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Patternmaster Code Black Duck Shotgun Choke Tubes are a unique in design. The Duck is the same constriction as the classic Long Range. This design ensures quicker release of gas that will result in reduced pressure and recoil that effectively separates the wad faster and produces an even more symmetric shot pattern. Code Black tubes have been coated with a bronze titanium blend to better withstand heat and corrosion. Once again Patternmaster has gone to the limits to make a top-of-the-line shooting accessory for the extreme hunting experience. The ducks had better watch out!
WARNING: This tube is not to be used with slug ammunition, or ammunition that contains a wad/shot cup design as "flight control" or "in flight separation." For best results, Ballistic Performance LLC, recommends ammunition velocities below 1550fps.

Patternmaster Order Codes
(11) 12ga Benelli SBE/M1/Nova Beretta Urika
(12) 12ga Benelli SBE II/M2 Vinci/Super Vinci and Beretta Xtrema/Xtrema2/Urika2
(13) 12ga Benelli Sport/Cordoba; Beretta Sport
(14) 12ga Browning Invector Plus/Winchester SX2/SX3
(15) 12ga Browning Invector
(16) 12ga Mossberg 835/935
(17) 12ga Remington
(18) 12ga Mossberg 500
(19) 12ga Remington Versa Max
(23) 12ga Beretta A400
(21) 20ga Benelli M1/Nova and Beretta Urika2
(22) 20ga Benelli M2
(24) 20ga Browning Invector Plus
(27) 20ga Remington
(35) 10ga Browning Invector
(37) 10ga Remington

NOTE! Any defective Patternmaster items MUST be returned directly to Patternmaster. Please call the following phone number to arrange an exchange.
Patternmaster 608-767-1642

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6/1/2017 10:30 pm

Great Product

by JT

I've used em all. Never seen anything that hits like a Code Black. Fred Zink suggested the tube to me years ago... wish I had listened a little better. I've saved a fortune by buying standard shells... don't need Hebi-shot anymore with this thing! Guys at Macks were super helpful and told me it's what all their guys have shot for years and years. Best $$$ I've spent in a long time.

7/25/2017 2:51 pm

This one is a MUST have!!!

by Bill

These are the best investment I have ever made for my shotgun. My first time out with my Patternmaster tube I was clean killing ducks from 45 yards. I was connecting with more accuracy than I ever have before!

7/25/2017 3:11 pm

Just what I needed!

by Thomas

This is an excellent product and outstanding addition to my shotgun! The Code Black Duck tube really gives my accuracy an extra boost. The tight patterns this tube produces makes my shot a kill shot every time.

1/21/2019 2:11 pm

Get it

by Duck killer

This is an awsome duck choke

8/29/2020 10:29 pm

20 gauge Patternmaster choke tube

by Randy

Very happy with this choke tube it’s the same tube I use in my 12 gauge