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Patternmaster Classic Short Range Choke Tubes

Patternmaster Classic Short Range Choke Tubes

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Choke Tube Option 1 10 Ga Remington


The Patternmaster concept is that the studs inside the choke grabs the base of the wad as it passes through while the front of the wad is flush with the front of the tube. The Patternmaster Long Range Choke Tube was developed for waterfowl and upland game. It also delivers full-choke performance at unheard of distances with 2 3/4 inch shells.

Long range tubes used with 2 ¾ or 3 inch shells will give you the tight dense pattern that Patternmaster is known for. Shooting 3 1/2 inch shells through the long range tubes will produce a modified pattern. The Patternmaster Extended Range Shotgun Choke Tube is specially designed for 3 1/2 inch gauge shells since the longer shot cup would protrude from standard Patternmaster chokes. The Short Range Over Decoy Shotgun Choke by Patternmaster is perfect for those close-in game (grouse woodcock etc.) as well as excellent for close over-decoy waterfowl hunting.

Patternmaster Order Codes

(11) 12ga Benelli SBE/M1/Nova Beretta Urika
(12) 12ga Benelli SBE II/M2 Vinci/Super Vinci and Beretta Xtrema/Xtrema2/Urika2
(13) 12ga Benelli Sport/Cordoba; Beretta Sport
(14) 12ga Browning Invector Plus/Winchester SX2/SX3
(15) 12ga Browning Invector
(16) 12ga Mossberg 835/935
(17) 12ga Remington
(18) 12ga Mossberg 500
(19) 12ga Remington Versa?Max
(23) 12ga Beretta A400
(21) 20ga Benelli M1/Nova and Beretta Urika2
(22) 20ga Benelli M2
(24) 20ga Browning Invector Plus
(27) 20ga Remington
(35) 10ga Browning Invector
(37) 10ga Remington

NOTE! Any defective Patternmaster items MUST be returned directly to Patternmaster. Please call the following phone number to arrange an exchange.
Patternmaster 608-767-1642

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7/25/2017 3:59 pm

A great shot starts with a Patternmaster!

by Seth

I was the first guy in my group to try the Classic Short Range tube and some of the shots I’ve pulled off amaze me to this day. Now, every guy in my group owns and
<br>regularly uses this tube and others from Patternmaster. We love'em! You guys make a great product