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Portable Kitchen 360 Grill and Smoker

Portable Kitchen 360 Grill and Smoker


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The New PK 360 Grill and Smoker with Stand Black Durabilium Shelves. The PK360 is the newest PK Grill & Smoker. With 360 square inches of cooking space, plus included Durabilium Shelf Kit and stand, the PK360 is setting a new standard for the high-end charcoal cooker by offering more value than other high-end charcoal cookers.

Large Cooking Surface – At 360 square inches the PK360 is nearly 40% larger than the most popular Big Green Egg size, the 18-inch Large.

Super Versatile – PK360 demonstrates exceptional performance in both hot and fast (grilling) or low and slow (barbecue) cooking situations. Its unique capsule shape makes one-zone and two-zone cooking setups easy and fun.

Competition Quality – PK Grills cast aluminum has proven to be the competitors choice in steak competitions across the U.S. The 2014, 2015 and 2016 SCA World Championship Steaks were all cooked on a PK Grill. Competitors love it, but it's still so easy to use that a beginner can make a great steak the first time.

Durable – PK360s cast aluminum construction is more durable than porcelain Kamados which can be fragile. PK Grills are often lifetime purchases handed down from one generation to the next. Every new PK has the potential to become an heirloom grill.

Easy & Precise Temperature Management – The PK360s combination of thick cast aluminum and 4-way venting provides users a with a very heat efficient cook chamber with easy 2-zone set-up and more control than single-vent Kamados.

Ergonomics – The PK360 includes two giant, 230 square inch, removable Durabilium (tm) shelves with a unique Leading Edge wire system for hanging accessories, offering maximum function for prep and cooking.

Ash Management – The PK360 has incorporated a unique ash management solution which controls ash within the cook chamber without allowing it to interfere with air flow.

Portable – As with all PKs, the PK360 detaches from its stand easily so you can take it with you. Great for tailgating, camping, fishing/hunting cabins, etc. Try that with a heavy Kamado.

Marine Grade Stainless Steel – We didn't compromise on the quality materials that went into the PK360. Both the hinged cooking surface and the lower charcoal grate are made from the highest quality stainless steel available – Marine Grade.

Ultra-tough Durabilium Shelf kit – The unique, black shelves on the new PK360 are formed of a high-end, engineered, glass-fiber reinforced polyester material that is highly heat resistant, super durable and easy to clean. The shelves are removable and designed to stow using the integrated side handle hooks on the PK. These durable shelves provide a no-nonsense, weather-proof workspace for your PK360 at home, on the road or trail.

Beautifully Designed – The PK360 raises the design bar for the charcoal grill industry. The core; the cast aluminum grill capsule identifies this grill immediately as a PK. The addition of great design features, like the beautifully simple pedestal stand, the unique and user-friendly cylindrical air intake controls, elegant but tough as nails Durabilium shelves and thoughtful details like the accessory bar, lock/release hinges and rear stabilizer hooks will make it a high end object of desire.

The PK is a world class grill and smoker. There is no need to choose between these two important functions or purchase separate equipment. Whether you intend to grill at high temperatures for short periods, like burgers and hot dogs, or at low temperatures over longer periods, like pork shoulder and beef brisket, the cast aluminum PK will make you a backyard hero because it nails the landing on both.

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