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On Time Buck Boiler. Making European Dressed Skull and Antler Trophies has never been easier. No more paying a taxidermist to prepare your trophy or spend hours standing over a boiling pot.
The On Time Buck Boilerfeatures an all-electric system for preparing your own European Dressed Hunting Trophies. You'll have a clean deer skull ready to mount in eight hours or less.
The Buck Boiler from On Time Feeders is the safe effective and inexpensive way to prepare European Dressed Hunting Trophies yourself.

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5/8/2017 10:04 am

Rough going but got it working

by Verified Customer -

I really wish i could give at least 4 stars but it just doesnt do as advertized. For one it says use half a teaspoon of detergent every half hour no more than 2 1/2 teaspoons however this does not get the water near hot enough. The detergent and the metal in the element are what react with one another to heat the water. I ended up needing about 2 table spoons to get a good simmer. Using the amount instructed took over 28 hours in the pot and still needed to be heavily picked clean. Once i figured out the right amount of detergent it did a much better job only taking about 4-5 hours and made the meat much easier to remove however in no way was i able to simply rinse it clean with a hose, there was still a good amount of picking to do but the meat was much easier to pick clean. All and all i have done well over 100 euros in the last 2 years and this was the best pot as far as to simmer the meat down to be picked clean that i have used, im a bit disappointed it doesnt work as well as advertized but it does still make the job a little easier in the end. Not sure id buy another one myself but would happily except another one as a gift. :-)

12/1/2021 6:18 am


by Ron

Junk, broke on first buck.

12/6/2021 9:15 am

Poor quality

by Alan Dill

Stopped working after one use. I do not recommend