Motion Ducks Basic Decoy Spreader and Jerk System

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Bring your decoys to life with the Motion Ducks Basic Decoy Spreader and Jerk System. The spreader separates the decoys and when you add the jerk rig system your decoys look like they are alive and swimming, not in a single file line but in a small flock.

Connect two spreaders together and it looks even more realistic with random motion in the decoys.

Ease of Use:
This thing sets up and tears down in seconds. Even in early morning darkness, its just as easy to set up. Hook up your decoys to the system the night before the hunt and most of your work is done.

Does it work?
Once you put it to the test you will see how well it works. Nothing we have ever used puts shy ducks at ease like this spreader. When they see their "buddies" swimming around in a small flock it looks natural to them... and it is something they do not usually see in other decoy spreads... they bank their wings and dive into your spread.

Moves 4 Decoys. Includes one decoy spreader and one jerk rig (jerk rig includes 1 handle, 100 feet of jerk line and one 5-foot bungee.

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1/19/2021 7:23 am

Love it...

by Paul

On my 2nd season hunting with this and im very pleased with its motion and easy of set up. It fits in the back of my kayak well and i deploy it in a couple feet of water up to nearly 20ft of depth. On a windy day it looks good without the jerk cord as i set them as a small flock to the side. On a non windy day i set it in the middle of my decoys and use the jerk cord to provide ripples throughout the spread. One thing i did is add about 10 inches of string between each decoy and the spreader so the x is not seen in the water (sits deeper in water). Not sure you have to but i dont want ducks to flare on a black x they might see from above if the water is semi clear.

12/15/2021 11:27 am

Looks more realistic than q regular jerk string

by Brian

Easy setup and it looks more realistic than a reg in line jerk string.