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Moeller Turn-Tite Drain Plug Brass 1"

Moeller Turn-Tite Drain Plug Brass 1"


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1" Brass Turn-Tite Designed only for mounting from the inside of the transom. Fully adjustable. 
Turn the T-handle clockwise to create a waterproof seal. 
Will not leak or jar loose under vibration. 
Reverse the turn to loosen and remove. 
Corrosion resistant construction. 
Designed for use with Moeller’s Snap-Tite, Turn-Tite, and trail-n-Bail Plugs. Snap-Tite® / Turn -Tite® boat bailer plugs. 
Installation requires a Drain Fitting Kit and flanging tool. An industry benchmark for quality and durability. 
OEM Certified. Provides boaters with a lasting seal on the water. Flanged 90 degrees on one end as a drain for the transom, motor well, live well or bait well. 
Available in 1″ and 1-1/4 in diameters. 
Available in Brass and Aluminum. 
OEM Certified.

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