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MoMarsh Versa Vest Dog Vest
• One Vest that REALLY fits every gun dog
• Engineered by Veterinarians
• Helps dog retain body heat in cold or wet conditions.
• Six points of multi-directional adjustability
• Tough, rubberized chest panel
• No Measuring, No Cutting, No Guessing
• Fits most dogs from 35 to 100+ lbs
• Gore Optifade Waterfowl Marsh camo

One Vest that REALLY fits every gun dog - for LIFE! Say goodbye to dangerous, ill-fitting dog vests forever. At MOMARSH, our team of professional designers, vets and sporting dog professionals have spent years engineering the world's best dog vest with the mission to do just one simple thing... FIT YOUR DOG. With its Ultra-strong, premium hook and loop adjustments, The MOmarsh Versa-Vest properly fits your dog and changes with its shape and size over its lifespan. Six points of multi-directional adjustability ensure proper fit and sizing. Tough, rubberized chest panel for ultimate protection. Stow-away handle and leash anchor. The MOmarsh Versa-Vest can be adjusted to be smaller or larger than any waterfowl dog vest on the market. Fits any dog from 35 to 100+ LBS. No Measuring, No Cutting, No Guessing. Once the vest is initially adjusted to fit your dog properly, simply use the over-sized zipper to take it on and off. No additional adjustments should need to be made, until your dog changes shape or size. Interchangeable cover panels available (sold separately) in Blaze Orange, Snow White, Shadow Black and Gore Optifade Waterfowl Marsh are removable, replaceable, and machine washable. Gore Optifade Waterfowl Marsh cover panels included. The Innovative, Versatile, Extraordinary Momarsh Versa-Vest. Engineered by Veterinarians, Hunters and Sport-Dog professionals to FIT EVERY DOG... FOR LIFE.


VERSA-VEST can be adjusted to be smaller or larger than any existing sporting dog vest on the market. Fits any dog from 35 to 100+ LBS. BUILT TO REALLY FIT YOUR DOG. 6 points of multi-directional adjustability to ensure proper fit and sizing. Ultra-strong, premium hook and loop adjustments. Changes with the shape and size of your dog over its lifespan. SAFE. Helps dog retain body heat in cold or wet conditions. Tough, rubberized chest panel for ultimate protection where your dog needs it most. The Built in premium paracord handle and metal leash loop can stow away when not needed. RUGGED. Built tough with high-quality 5mm rubberized Neoprene and water-repellent coated 600D poly fabric. CUSTOMIZABLE. Interchangeable VERSA-VEST PANELS are available in a variety of colors. Panels are removable, replaceable, and machine washable (sold separately).

Ratings & Reviews

15 reviews

8/29/2020 7:21 am

Back to the store

by John

Received the vest one day and returned it the next. Comes in pieces you have to put together on the dog. Never used it, seemed too tight on my dog (80 pound lab).
I envisioned it being strewn across the pond. Some may like it a lot but it was not for me.
On a positive side it seemed to be made well, the velcro stuck well and I still like the camo pattern which is a separate panel that sticks to the outside.

9/3/2020 3:35 pm

Finally a vest that fits my gsp

by Jonny

Finally found a vest that fits my short hair. He is very deep chested and a skinny waist. This thing fits like a glove with room to spare. His chest measures 31 inches around. Seems to be made well. Hopefully now I won't have to leave him home when it's below freezing

9/7/2020 8:13 pm

By this vest and forget about it. This will be the last vest you buy.

by Duckhog

I have bought number of the top rated dog vest and not one fits my dog like Momarsh vest does . The Momarsh vest fits my 50 lbs lab and my 78 lbs lab. I wish they came out with this vest years ago it would have save me alot of time and money.

10/1/2020 4:04 pm

Not a floatation vest.

by John

Wish the description would have said this is NOT a floatation vest. Theres a warning in the directions that says it is for cold temperatures only. Kind of heavy and clunky for a <60 lb. Lab.

12/11/2020 2:01 pm

Your Dog Will Appreciate This

by BR

Best dog vest yet. This provides the best fit for my dogs of any vest that they have owned. I can tell that my youngest Lab is more comfortable in this vest than her old one. She doesn't fuss with it because it fits properly. This vest is made with what must be the most serious Velcro ever made. It will not come apart, even when lifting the entire weight of the dog by the top strap. Mud washed off easily with the garden hose. Extremely happy with this vest, and the other MoMarsh products that I have. I will have one for each of my dogs. They are that good.

1/9/2021 8:59 am

Could have been the Best

by Shaun

Looks great, Fits great, Awesome concept with the interchangable panels. DOESN'T survive more than a couple hunts maximum. The bottom chest piece is VERY weak and immediately cracks and tears with any type of surface or brush rubbing on it. I had the first one crumble in just 1 morning hunt. On that hunt we had to walk in through a field of long brush so I tried to learn from that mistake and not put it on the dog until we got through the brush. I purchased another chest piece and installed it. The second chest piece started to crack on the first hunt and all we did was put decoys out and pick them up, No birds were flying that day. Just light use within a few hours the cracking started. If they made the chest piece with the same shell material as the removeable panels, this vest would be the absolute best! There is a reason the chest pieces are Sold Out and hard to find.

2/2/2021 9:04 am

NOT for small dogs

by Jonathan

My lab is very small. She's about 45lbs soaking wet and short. Thought this vest would be great and finally something that would fit her. Indeed the vest did "fit", but the velcro side panels are so stiff and long that she cant bend in the middle. My dog hates this vest and has to literally jump in the air to turn around while wearing it and cant run with her normal stride because it hits her back legs/hips. Missed my window to return this vest but very disappointed. I'm sure its fine for larger stronger dogs, but for small dogs its worthless in my opinion. I'll be on the lookout for an extra small Avery neoprene vest for her that she can move in.

3/25/2021 6:26 pm

Cheap Chest Piece

by LA Swamp Hunter

Great fit and I love the concept with the detachable camo panels. But, chest piece was torn on the 1st hunt. The Chest piece should be the toughest part of the vest. Very disappointed. As someone else stated, there is a reason why the replacement chest pieces are sold out. Got an old Avery neoprene vest on my older lab that is still working after years in the swamp running through the canes.

10/10/2021 9:35 pm

on the water is no place for wardrobe malfunctions!

by josh kepp

falls apart in high wear areas ie chest panel around legs almost immediately, first trip had excessive wear especially with pheasant hunting. velcro panel is now starting to break loose on water retrieves causing a potentially life threatening situation as the dog could hang up on the partially unhooked chest panel.

on the water is no place for wardrobe malfunctions! avoid at all cost. should be ok for pheasant but it wears quickly

11/22/2021 6:43 am

Dog and I both love it so far.

by 2footroper

Love this vest but more importantly so does my 80 lb. lab. It is a little snug as he is deep chested. He is usually in a 3LX neoprene type. He can move more freely. So far it's held up great. We are hunting where there is a lot of buck brush.

1/21/2022 3:57 pm

Need an engineer to assemble

by Raymond

Too many parts, no flotation

11/9/2022 7:09 am

Terrible Quality. Avoid this product.

by Bob Farrell

Absolutely terrible quality. I was excited with the custom fit and design of the product. Kept my dog warm and safe. However, the extremely cheap zipper used by the overseas manufacturing failed after 25 hunts, making this product unusable. As others mention, I would recommend not wasting your money on this vest. Perhaps someday this will be built with higher quality components and be worthy of its price tag.

1/20/2023 12:22 pm

Great vest worth the money

by Seedtick

So far Riverdog and I love it. The Velcro is super super strong. It fits my 95 lbs lab with room to spare. The string on zipper did break first tug but that's no worries.

2/12/2023 10:46 am

I don't recommend!

by Avid Duck Greg

Don't waste your money. Crummy fit, bulky and the velcro is tough tough to deal with. Buy a real dog vest that is the right size for your dog

11/15/2023 11:33 am

Excellent gear. Excellent service.

by Colt

Went out last weekend with my new equipment. The MoMarsh vest fits my big chesapeake great and it let's him move and swim with so much more ease, than the old neoprene vest I was using. He's a happy boy. The new bigger, louder training whistle also worked great. It's much louder than my old whistle, but with the built-in bell the volume is directed out away from me and to my dog. Alot easier on my ears, saving my hearing. As always dealing with Mack's, was a breeze and a pleasure, plus my order arrived hassle free, within days of my ordering. Excellent gear. Excellent service.