MPW No-Hassle Texas Style Decoy Rig

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MPW No-Hassle Texas Style Decoy Rigs makes decoy deployment and pick up hassle free. The no roll almond shaped anchor keeps decoys where you put them. The retrieval and storage loop rest at the decoy keel keeping you from getting your hands wet at pick up time. These anchors are rigged with dark green No Hassle monofilament black crane swivel and duo-lock snaps and transport carabineer. Rigs 1 dozen. 

Decoy NOT included!


  • Make decoy deployment and pick-up hassle free
  • Retrieval and storage loop rest at the decoy keel
  • Your hands won't get wet
  • Rigged with dark green No Hassle monofilament
  • Black crane swivel and duo-lock snaps
  • Transport carabineer and rigs

MPW No-Hassle Texas Style Decoy Rig Specifications:
  • 18 inch Anchors: 3 oz weights
  • 36 inch Anchors: 4 oz weights
  • 48 inch Anchors: 6 oz weights

Ratings & Reviews

6 reviews

10/9/2018 1:50 pm

Fast and Easy!

by Troy

I started using these 2 seasons ago and I will never go back to strings and a decoy bag! Talk about easy! Just toss out where you want them and you are ready to hunt! I hunt in the late season and I love the easy pick-up of the decoys without getting your hands soaking wet. Just grab the head of the decoy, put the carabiner through the loop, toss them over your shoulder and away you go. Great quality and great price!

9/15/2019 8:58 pm

Nice rigs

by Tim

These are no BS rigs. Simple and easy to use. Worth the $. I will buy more when needed.

10/16/2019 11:13 am

Resists knots

by Dave

Strong, durable, and they do not kink where you tie the knot

1/12/2020 6:13 pm

They fall off.

by Sid

I redid my entire decoy spread with these. I had about 40 come completely off. The crimp they use at the top does not hold. The line comes free and leaves you with nothing but a free floating decoy with a swivel.

11/24/2021 8:33 am

Buy with confidence

by Kris

Excellent product and quick shipping. As advertised.

12/10/2021 3:54 pm

Could be improved

by Mitchell

The materials used for the rigs themselves are great. No complaints. But 6/12 of the received rigs threw the weights the second I went to toss decoys. The line is simply slid through the middle of the weight and heated at the bottom. Extremely weak in my opinion. A crimp style would be much better

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