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Mojo Elite Series King Mallard Motion Duck Decoy

Mojo Elite Series King Mallard Motion Duck Decoy

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Mojo King Mallard Motion Duck Decoy. MOJO Outdoors, the leading motion decoy company in the world, introduces the greatest advancement in motion decoys since the advent of the spinning wing decoy (SWD) with the all-new, patent pending King Mallard. Until now, all SWD’s have been designed and manufactured by the incorrect process of attaching the motor, battery and other components to the inside of a hollow rigid body which resulted in significant vibration, wobble and noise. Think of how your truck or ATV would operate if the motor and transmission were attached to the body instead of the frame.

The King Mallard is designed with these components attached directly to the support pole by a specially designed structural housing supporting these components. The outside of this housing is designed to fit precisely inside a flexible decoy skin, featuring a “drop in” battery and built-in remote receiver, all resulting in a smoother, quieter, faster and more user friendly decoy.The motor, transmission, power supply system and body are all attached to an easily accessible structural support frame – as they should be!

Features include:
  • Solid component housing connects motor and wings directly to support pole
  • All of these components contained in a specially designed housing, nothing supported by body.
  • Entire housing easily removed from body
  • Built-in remote receiver
  • Three button remote transmitter #1 on, #2 off, #3 intermittent 
  • Drop-in rechargeable battery
  • Cam Lock support pole
  • Quieter flexible body

Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews

10/21/2017 8:50 pm

Be prepared to "rig it" for it to work properly

by New York boy

When you first buy this decoy and turn it on it will work fine. After that you may run into trouble with getting it to work after that. In fact the only way you may get it to work is to plug the charger straight into the decoy and once it is unplugged it will stop working. What I had to do was add padding to the bottom of the battery holding case to force the battery deeper into the decoy and make a solid connection. After that it has worked fine. Next week it goes to the field. For the price of the decoy you should not have to 'rig it" to get it to work. Not sure what MOJO will do about this. Some other reviews blame the battery for not holding a charge but try my trick first and see what happens.

11/27/2017 8:34 pm

Not recommended

by Adam

Terrible product. I am on my 3rd one already this season and it only works about half the time. Won’t always turn on with remote and had to add padding after a couple weeks to battery box so contacts would touch. I would not buy this product. Buy something else.

12/13/2017 7:07 pm


by Will

Well i have had one since they came out it has been shot at dropped in the water and sunk ( accidently) and has held to gethef by far the besf mallard mojo has made very happy with its results in fact im getting 4 more by christmas works like a top!!!!!!!!!!!

10/21/2019 8:47 pm

Same issue

by Backwater

Same deal as other reviewers. I had to add paper under the battery to get a good contact. Worst part was I threw one away before finding this out. I bought 2 and neither one worked correctly from the start.

11/19/2019 2:14 pm


by Justin

I have been very happy with this purchase. On it's second season and it has been 100% flawless every use. It has even gone for a swim....with no ill effects.