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MPW Exclusive Lucky Duck Puddler Pack Mallard Duck Decoys

MPW Exclusive Lucky Duck Puddler Pack Mallard Duck Decoys


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MPW Exclusive Lucky Duck Puddler Pack Mallard Duck Decoys. Save more!
ONE Lucky Duck Jr Spinning Wing Decoy - AA Batteries
ONE Lucky Duck Deception Series Mallard Decoys - 6 Pack

The Lucky Junior II is a spinning wing decoy with exceptional detail. Made of durable EVA plastic that resists cracking and holds paint adhesion for even the toughest waterfowler. The chest mount with bungee makes this decoy hassle free and mobile. The Junior II includes a 3 piece 42" stake and corrugated magnetic wings. Decoy runs on 4 AA batteries (not included) and will run for 12-14 hours. HD remote ready - sold separately.

Durable, lightweight, and portable. The Deception Series Collapsible Mallard Decoys are a deadly effective choice for walk-in waterfowl hunters. Collapsible yet durable, these decoys fit easily in a backpack or decoy bag, then expand to add a true-to-life look to your spread. Weighted keels and anchor hooks help you hold the decoy's position in the water. Special slots in the keel allow the decoys to face in different directions, even when set in a slight current. Package includes 4 drakes and 2 hens, in four different body positions. 

Lucky Duck Deception Series Mallard Decoys: 
(2) Upright drakes 
(2) Relaxed drakes 
(1) Upright hen 
(1) Feeding hen

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11/25/2018 5:15 pm


by Alex

Given that a mojo or other spinner usually costs around $80-90 on it's own, this is a heck of a deal to start with. When I originally picked this pack up, I just wanted it for the spinner decoy, but the inflatable mallards are also effective. They make for excellent shell decoys when collapsed, and I ended up putting them on logs to simulate roosting ducks a lot. My biggest concern is that the inflation tube on the decoys is under the tail, which usually ends up in the water, and I have second thoughts about bacteria in marsh water. I'm not sure the inflatables are worth the $60 cost they sell as a standalone (especially after that first stray round holes one of them.), but together, this is a deal you can't skip. The spinner definitely gets attention and is totally packable like they intended, and the inflatables make excellent lightweight packables and shells