Lucky Duck Agitator HDi Motion Decoy with Rig 'em Right Anchor

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Lucky Duck Agitator HDi with Rig 'em Right Anchor.

Create your own water disturbance with the lifelike motion of the Lucky Agitator HDi. The Agitator is a realistic duck butt that throws water to simulate an aggressive feeding mallard and has a removable exhaust tube for easy transportation. Complete with a 12V lithium battery, the Agitator will run for 6-8 hours. Choose between three timer settings to vary the look of multiple Agitators. Includes: 12V lithium-ion battery and charger. HD remote kit ready - sold separately. Patent Pending. 
• Realistic duck butt with lifelike motion 
• Throws water to simulate an aggressive feeding mallard 
• Removable exhaust tube for easy transportation 
• Easy access battery box with charging port 
• Will run 6-8 hours 
• 3 timer settings to vary the look of multiple Agitators 
• HD remote kit ready - sold separately 
• Includes: 
 o 12V lithim-ion battery and charger
9/11/2020 6:11 pm

Motion always helps!

by Darren

Does what it is intended to do... make motion

12/1/2020 11:02 am


by Cameron

Product works great as described.... for about 15 seconds. My unit had 2 leaks, one in the seal between the cover and the battery box, and another where the motor enters the housing at the bottom. Decoy went to spraying water constantly after about 15 seconds, turned if off and opened it up and found the entire battery box had filled with water. All components were toasted and decoy fails to work. Great customer service from LD, already sent a new one on the way and hopefully this one does not have same issues. Bought this over the Higdon due to high quality of other LD products I have, hopefully I just got a lemon and it's not a design issue.

5/4/2021 4:19 am

Great motion decoy

by Graeme

Great motion decoy for still ponds ,battery was still going 12hr later and didnt leak . Will buy another .

1/25/2022 3:12 pm

Great unit, getting another

by Joshua

used this unit all year. worked great, adds good movement to water in the set up. had ducks land right next to it.

2/24/2022 8:46 am

Can't wait to use

by Matt

I bought the Agitator decoy off-season. The decoy arrived sooner than I expected, and everything was included in the box. I like what I saw from these decoys that other guys had. Can't wait to get it in the water this fall.

8/15/2022 8:37 am

Not too good

by Dayton Gentry

Both of the agitators I bought are toast both had leaks in the housing… less than a season hunted

10/18/2022 5:49 pm

Great, but the switch needs to be improved

by Gordon

Works great and keeps water moving when it's flat and helps keep holes open when you bust ice. However the switch doesn't last more than one season. I replaced with an internal toggle switch. A bit of a pain to open the decoy every time you turn it on and off, but it kept the decoy usable

10/26/2022 10:11 am

Works Great after two seasons

by Steven

Have used it two seasons and it has been great. Works as represented and no problem with leaks. Sure attracts attention of the passers by.

12/12/2022 8:35 pm

Very Poor Quality

by Allen -

I received it this Saturday afternoon read the directions and it stated that the battery was half charged and to charge it. I charged using the battery adaptor for 12 hours and when I went to use it in the field it would not turn on. So, I brought is home and plugged it in directly to the charger port and let it charge for a full 24 hours. When I checked it at home it still will not turn on at all. Really disappointed with Lucky Duck products this is the 2nd time I bought their product, and it didn't work out of the box.

12/13/2022 4:57 pm

Lucky duck butts

by Kevin Gumz

One works great other one doesn’t work

12/17/2022 5:07 pm

Game changer!!

by Manny

The Lucky Duck Agitator is definitely a game changer. Adds realistic movement to your decoy spread.

12/19/2022 5:14 pm


by Steve

It looks awesome when in use, it fooled my first and only group of mallards,

1/6/2023 10:42 am

Bought a Second One

by Matt

Bought a second Agitator, again off-season for the sale price ($40 off). The decoy once again arrived sooner than expected, and everything was included in the box. The realistic motion sold me, and I haven’t had any problems with my first one like some other reviewers. I hope this one will operate as well as the first one.

1/11/2023 9:56 pm

Don’t buy!

by CH

Terrible product. Quit working the first time I used it. Not made the way they used to make them. Battery and motor are not truly waterproof

1/24/2023 11:24 pm

Works great

by Jared C

Works great and makes a lot of motion in the water on a still day. Batteries last for a long time as well, I have no components at all!

2/25/2023 4:04 pm

Don’t buy

by Clay

Terrible product. Quit working after one use. Don’t buy

6/26/2023 6:10 pm


by Richard

Very pleased on how promptly my order was shipped I haven't had chance to use it yet once the season opens here in Texas I will be

12/11/2023 7:48 am

C’mere duck

by Dawnj

Great decoy. I have bought 3 of these