HydroFoam Lifetime Flocked Mallard 6 Pack by HEYDAY

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Ultra-light, ultra-strong, ultra-quiet, never-sink HydroFoam construction. Revolutionary SmoothMove Dual-Keels and HollowCore Body. Includes 2 Active Drakes, 2 Rester Drakes, 2 Hens, and removable UpRight weights. 10.8 lbs/dozen weightless, and 15.6 lbs/dozen weighted.

HydroFoam Construction Designing a decoy body out of HydroFoam reinvents every aspect of a traditional plastic decoy.
• Similar to the closed cell EVA foam used to make Crocs™
• Never sinks - HydroFoam material always floats even when shot, ran over, or cut into pieces
• Ultra-Light – Easier to transport larger spreads and move easier with less wind
• Ultra-Strong – More durable and longer lasting
• Ultra-Quiet – More enjoyable to move, deploy, and pack up SmoothMove Dual-Keel Design Dual keels allow for unprecedented natural movement and deployment in every waterfowl environment, especially excelling above the competition on low wind days, in moving water, and on solid surfaces.
• Low Wind – Extremely light weight Hydrofoam + a semi-circle Dual-Keel design allows HEYDAY decoys to move effortlessly with even the slightest breeze, similar to an innertube spinning freely on the surface.
• Moving Water – Parallel dual Keels, like on a pontoon, replicate true duck behavior in moving water. They keep the decoys “swimming” straight in current without the unnatural side-to-side “drunk duck” characteristic of single keel decoys.
• Solid Surfaces - Symmetrical dual-keels allows decoys to deploy on the hard ground of a river bank, field, ice, or sand as tides let out without the lean you get from a single keel decoy. HollowCore Body
• Every spare ounce of foam is removed from the interior of the decoy making it as light as possible while still being the most durable decoy on the market. UpRight Weights
• Removable UpRight Weights can be used to make the decoys self-righting in water that is too deep for wading.
• Offer maximum stability in extreme weather conditions such as rough chop or winds in excess of 20 mph.
• Even with the weights installed, a Heyday Decoy is still lighter than a traditional decoy. Easy-Attach Eye Bolts
• Built-in stainless steel Easy-Attach Eye Bolts confidently hold your decoy in place, tested to withstand up to 165lbs of static force. Fool ‘Em Finish
• Unlike plastic, HydroFoam allows for 3-dimensional carving detail. This texturing creates realistic shadowing for a more natural looking decoy.

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11/16/2021 8:36 am

I Don't Buy Anything Else

by Tommy R

These decoys will cost you some coin, but once you have them you will be very happy. I use them with weights (about 19 oz each) on the boat. I step on them, lay down, sit, and even once I shot one. They still look just like they did a year ago. For a pack in hunt, I have 2 dozen with no weights (about 11 oz each). I can easily carry 2 dozen, shotgun, shells and 1 mojo up to 2 miles each way for a pack in hunt. Shot my two trophy Drake woodies over them last season on a walk in hunt. I like them very much, and you will too! I currently have mallards, green wing teal and pintails. Looking forward to trying the Canada goose out as well. Oh, and on the river or with some wind, they swim good. Take the weights out and they swim even better.