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Jebs Duck Choke Tubes High-Voltage Waterfowl


Jebs Duck Choke Tubes  High-Voltage Waterfowl
JEBS “High-Voltage” Waterfowl series choke tubes are perfectly designed to easily and effectively handle lead, bismuth, and steel, while also being able to shoot any ammunition featuring a wad that is “flight-controlled.” While boasting a patented & revolutionary interior-bore design, JEBS Chokes manufactures tubes that not only produce shot patterns that are more consistent, but a shortened “shot-stream” enabling for greater knock-down power for those much-needed long range shots. Trust us, if you shoot a JEBS, you shoot the best!

12 Gauge:
.675 - Crazy Tight (About 5% of you need this. Factory is discontinuing. Works well with #9 TSS Turkey Loads.)
.685 - Extreme Range (If you want to shoot #2 or #3 super far.)
.690 - Long Range (Most popular, if you shoot lighter Ounce loads.)
.695 - Long Range (If you like to shoot large shot like BB or larger Ounce loads.)
CR - Close Range/Timber

20 Gauge:
.570 - Crazy Tight (About 5% of you will want this. Works well with #9 TSS Turkey Loads)
.580 - Extreme Range(This is what the gun dept. guys shoot with #2 or #3.)
.590 - Long Range
CR - Close Range/Timber

10 Gauge:
.680-Crazy Tight (Smaller Shot)
.695-Long Range (Most popular)

JEB'S CHOKE TUBES strives to provide the best customer service possible. For customer service and support call JEB'S at: (912) 375-5456 Monday-Friday 9am – 4pm EST  

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