Hunters Specialties Scent Wafers Doe Estrus

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When a buck walks through the woods the one body part that leads his way is his nose. He trusts it and relies on it for his survival. His nose is truly remarkable. It is estimated that a whitetail has more than 60 times the olfactory range of a human. In the right wind conditions a deer can smell a hunter a mile away. So where do we start with scent elimination? Simply pin Hunters Specialties Doe Estrus Scent Wafers onto your hunting clothing or hang them near your stand to effectively mask human scent with a natural cover scent.

  • A pure concentrated scent that masks odors
  • Scent can't spill freeze or wash away
  • Effectively cover your scent and attract rutting bucks to your stand
  • Three wafers per re-sealable container

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