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Hunters Specialties 00412 Nemesis Deer Grunt Call

Hunters Specialties 00412 Nemesis Deer Grunt Call

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The new Nemesis Deer Grunt Call from Hunters Specialties™ producers of the most realistic deer calls you can own easily produces a wide range of deer sounds from fawn bleats to dominant buck grunts and snort wheezes.

The Nemesis Deer Call features an innovative new twist barrel design to adjust the sound exactly where the situation demands. The call has a selection window on the side to quickly tell which sound range is selected. An expandable bellows is contained in the call and can be easily extended to add inflection to calls.

This is the most versatile deer call you can have in the woods!

  • Infinitely adjustable
  • Versatile sounds from fawn to dominant grunt
  • Adjustable bellow creates ultra-realistic tones
  • Handy lanyard included

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