Higdon Pulsator 2 Plug N Hunt Hardwired Motion Decoy System - 4 Unit Set

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The Higdon Pulsator 2 Hardwired Systemis a plug n hunt 4 unit powerful hunting system that gives maximum results. The Pulsator 2 will revolutionize waterfowl hunting in a permanent set-up situation and is easy enough to put out in portable hunting scenarios. Just spread the Higdon Pulsator 2 units out to the desired location and the Pulsator 2 surges a spray of water which perfectly simulates feeding ducks.

  • 4 unit hardwired system
  • Plug n Hunt design
  • Compatible with optional timer and 12V battery
  • Simulates feeding ducks
  • Expandable with additional units
  • Spread units (duck butts) out to give more surface water-ripple coverage

The Pulsator 2 plug n hunt base unit consists of a main-wire that runs a distance of 60 feet from your blind or hunting location then splits off into four separate wires each with different lengths (102030 and 30 Feet). Attached to the very end of each wire are innovative Pulsator 2 duck butts that send a spray of water every time the bumper switch is pushed. This motion perfectly simulates feeding ducks. If you prefer not to use the manual bumper switch add an optional timer for continuous realistic motion. Hook up to a 12V battery (not included) and you are hunting over a realistic motion spread in a matter of a few minutes.

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5/8/2017 10:01 am

Awesome set-up, great price

by Verified Customer -

Loved how easy this was to use

5/8/2017 10:01 am

This is a duck vaccuum

by Verified Customer -

Great value

6/13/2017 10:39 pm

A must have!

by Tracy s

A great system for permanent blind set ups but can be used mobile. Moves lots of water and looks ultra realistic.